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Belle & Adam

Swinging Outside
The Lines

A Podcast about Non-Monogamy

The End of Swinging Outside the Lines (Public)

This past Tuesday 6/2 we were leaving the High School after the Senior Awards.  A student yelled “Everybody Knows…she sucks dick for days!!”

We always said that we will do the podcast until it’s no longer fun.  After getting outed, we tried to educate about the LS…we lost.  It has been constant attacks and shunning, specifically for Belle.

This afternoon we will be pulling the podcast for good on public platforms.  Thank you for the last 3 years and 253,000 listeners out there.

This kind of treatment to ANYONE regardless of their relationship status, sexuality, orientation, or anything else in their personal lives is horrible.

Whether it’s just about bullying, jealousy, hate, intolerance, religion, or whatever…nobody deserves to be treated like that.

Our family is a good family, our kids are good kids.  Just because our relationship is “Different”, we are hated, ostracized, and shunned.

Be better.


One lesson about the LS that we have learned….and are asked often:  “Is your relationship strong enough to Swing?”

Wrong question.

“Are you and your relationship strong enough to get outed in your community?”  That’s what you have to consider, because it has been so hard.

We currently don’t have the time or bandwidth to update everyone…but we will do a Secret Podcast about this and an update towards the middle of this month on our Patreon platform.

Thank You.


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