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A Sexy Mermaid

A Little Mermaid
​The third and final part of our fantasy photo shoot. A little mermaid fun. 

   Adam and I have always enjoyed being playful with one another but we held back sharing our fantasies for a long time. Would he think I was weird? Would he be turned off by my deepest wants and desires? Would he reject me knowing the things I kept secret? 
   When we first started talking about our fantasies Adam confided that sex in public was a big turn on for him.  His number one fantasy was to have sex on the beach. Unfortunately, my biggest fear, at that time, was the ocean. More specifically, being eaten by a shark. 
   Early in our marriage we traveled to Sanibel Island off the west coast of Florida, with Adam's family. Sensing an opportunity, we stole away late one night and walked to the eastern most tip of the island and around the Sanibel Island Light, scouting for a location for our frisky business.
The night was dark with hardly any moonlight but the sky was still illuminated by the nearby resort, and of course, the light house. We walked, hand in hand back up the beach, occasionally crossing paths with other couples. 
Being a good Mormon girl, obedient and lawful, and didn't want to get caught with my pants down, or off. My eyes nervously roamed the beach looking for a dark cove to stow away and conceal our activities.
Adam had other plans.
He wanted to spread out on the sand right at the water's edge and have sex feeling the sand beneath us and the cool ocean at our feet. I'm sure in his mind it was very romantic and sexy, I mean, Hollywood sold it to us as an 'it' place to have sex, that had to be true. 
I'd like to say this story ends in really hot sex, but it didn't exactly happen like a scene from a movie, unless its a romantic comedy. 
In my mind a very different scenario was playing out. I was the virginal girlfriend, about to have sex with my boy friend when suddenly JAWS appears out of the water, biting my naked body and dragging me to a painful, watery death. 
We did have sex on the beach that night. I don't remember much over the sound of the crashing waves and the blinding terror I felt each time the water touched my toes but I should at least get credit for trying my best to over come a personal fear for the love of pleasing my best friend. 
If nothing else came from Adam's fantasy, at least he knew I wanted to explore together and put aside my own personal issues for him. 
   Flash forward to our 16th wedding anniversary. We booked a last minute trip to Aruba where we found ourselves on a private island, in the middle of the day. In chest deep water, with my legs wrapped around his waist, he pushed himself inside me. Out in the open we found ourselves fucking to the rhythm of the sea, taking each other, slowly, deeply. Soaking in each heavy breath and kiss. 
Feeling him quiver and spasm against me, his lips paused wide on mine. Adam's orgasm was explosive. Adding to my arousal, the sight of it, the feeling of his cock pulsing inside me. His want for me, in front of the world, with no hint of shame or guilt for wanting it. With the last jolt of his orgasm came my own, my body jerking into his as he held me and forced me to stay connected to him, grinding into my clit and pressing himself against me. Rocking my hips into his body I continued erupting in pleasure, over and over again until a low whisper rasped in my ear, "Don't get greedy. We have a long day ahead of us.". Adam flashed a playful smile and kissed me again, then waded back to the beach, my legs still wrapped tightly around him.

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