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Episode 12: Club Privata

Club Privata Pictures First, thank you! We are so humbled and honored to have you as SOTL Patrons. 
I know, I know, we need to be more prompt on posting our sexy adventures! One thing you must know about us is, we are busy parents first and pseudo D-string podcasters last. Creating content happens after the endless hours put into our family and with three kids ranging in ages from elementary to high school, we are busy!  In other words, we're normal, just like most of you, we work and play and try to keep everything in balance. 
It's not always sexy, we don't party like rockstars every weekend but we do make the most out of our lifestyle events when we get a weekend away. So thank you for sticking around and being patient while we grow.
Now, on to Portland! 
Our weekend in Portland was, of course, amazing. We still can't believe it happened. So many attractive, interesting, smart, classy & down to earth people all gathering in the same space seems like a dream. 
We feel really fortunate to have been a part of it all and would like to thank Jay & Kay for having us. They are the best kind of people, amazing. Along with being fun, sexy, intelligent people, they are kind, generous and thoughtful. 
The Lifestyle community of the PNW welcomed us with open arms and it was so much fun to meet everyone and hear their stories. We're all so similar and yet different, it was a great getting to know so many wonderful people. 
By now, you've heard the episode and there isn't much left to do but share pictures. Although so many of us realized after the fact, we were so caught up in each moment that we forgot! 

Coming soon, (before we leave on vacation because I feel guilty for making you all wait so long) the rest of our Christmas Party pics! Adam and I don't have your traditional "put on sexy clothes, take sexy pics" M.O. we're much more, "Fuck you look hot, let's take a picture.". That usually turns into more pictures but we're not looking for background identifiers in those moments. Which makes for a lot of editing work to blur backgrounds, dogs, pictures on walls and the occasional dirty sock. ;) 
Other Biz, we don't know who you are based on your screen name. If you would like us to know who you are, shoot us a direct message, email, DM, or Snap and let us know. We're so happy that you're here and love to get to know our Patron's.
Other, Other Biz:
Please respect our request that what is shared here, stays here. No sharing, saving or taking screen shots.
Hope you all happy the best Holiday, looking for to sharing the New Year with you!
-Adam & Belle

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