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Episode 14: Belle's Unicorn Adventure

Split Decision

Adam and I hadn’t planned on going to the party, that’s probably what upset him from the start. Not the sudden kik messaging or the last-minute decision to go, but showing zero interest from the start and then an abrupt change of mind and at the last minute. Perhaps he wondered if the news of a single male on the guest list was the most brow-raising of all.

We’ve become more of social swingers over the past few months and, together, had decided that being DTF, or ‘down to fuck’, wasn’t our jam. Still, I had RSVP’d “maybe” on the invite. In the meantime, Adam had volunteered to fly out west for a meeting and was scheduled to leave within the hour. 

He was visibly put off by my sudden shift in direction. Rushing around the house surface cleaning, straightening the shoes and coats by the door and changing the laundry with giant heaves of his chest. Exhaling the nervous energy suddenly building inside him. 

A New Opportunity

Unicorn, by definition, is an extremely rare mythical horse with a single horn in the middle of its forehead. The other dictionary describes them as such; A common swinging term used in the community to refer to a single female interested in meeting other couples. A rarity in the Lifestyle.

For me, this has meant finding a single female to play with us. It wasn’t until it fell into my lap that the thought even crossed my mind, I could be a unicorn. 

Without Adam, this party was something else, something new, something naughty, something ... thrilling. I wanted it with singular focus. 

“Did you read the chat?” I pressed Adam.

“Yeah, thought we weren’t interested in going?”

“I wasn’t. I hadn’t even thought about it until Carl kik’d us.”

“I had today off, you know. You should have told me if you wanted to go.”  

Earlier we had received the app notification: 

Carl- checking in to see if you were gonna make it tonight. There will be a special surprise mystery guest.

   Belle- Adam is working, I’d have to come alone. LOL

   Carl- That would be 100% allowable. Just sayin’

   Belle- LMAO, I didn’t think you’d mind. Adam might though, he doesn’t like missing out.

   Carl- I mean I get it. Well, Jeff is flying solo so you would just be evening out the ratio. You know you’re safe with this crew. Lol.

   Belle- So, who’s the surprise? Tell me!
   Belle- Jeff?

It was Jeff’s profile I was now scrolling through as Adam bustled around me, packing his bag and making lunch to take with him on the plane. 

“Oh! Hey, you should look at these pics. They are both really sexy.” I encouraged, in an attempt to bring him around and snap him out of his mood. Vainly trying again, I set my phone in front of Adam. A naked woman stretched back, breasts in the air, arms outstretched to either side, her head resting just off-camera as though it were sitting in Adam’s lap. Behind, stood an attractive male, visible from the shoulders down to his well-cut, deliciously shaped muscles that defined the length of his abs and hips. The rest hidden from view by two beautiful full breasts, topped with perfect nipples that stood erect. The photo was professional, classy and sexy. Surely, I thought, this would get Adam excited for me to meet this guy? 

Sliding through the rest of the pictures, Adam didn’t seem as interested as I thought he would be, thinking he was just grumpy about having to work, I pressed the issue.

“I won’t go if you don’t want me too. It’s not worth it if you’re going to be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad.” he insisted, “It’s just that I’m rushing to get out the door and make sure I have everything packed and you’re…”

“What can I do to help? I ironed your clothes, what else do you need?” I offered, hoping it would lighten things up. “Nothing, I’ve got it.” Adam insisted. He reached towards me with overly puckered lips and kissed me. “Go. Have fun. Spread your Unicorn wings.” “That’s a pegasus.” I smiled between kisses. “Whatever,” he mumbled against my lips.

“Are you going to play with Joe & Jane? Or, just breakfast?” I probed, secretly hoping to distract Adam with some sexy thoughts of his own. “I don’t know, it’ll be 3:00 am our time and I didn’t exactly get a whole lot of sleep last night.” “Well, you should, if you’re all up for it. It’d be fun for you.” “I don’t like playing without you,” he insisted. “Neither do I, but I don’t get to come with you to work, and you should enjoy yourself while you’re bringing home the bacon.” I tried. Again, he put me off with excuses of being tired and having a long flight.  

“If this bothers you, I don’t have to go.” 

“No, you should go, I know you want to go play with the single guy.” he insisted, pretending it didn’t.

I knew it did, but having sensed a new opportunity, I felt myself rushing into it, pushing Adam to agree, willing him to be okay with it. 

“What bothers you about this?” 

I could tell he was holding back, he didn’t want to say what he was thinking.

“You’re afraid I’ll be reckless, aren’t you.” I pointed.

“Well, you tend to get drunk when you’re nervous. I don’t want you driving if you’re drinking.” he tried.

Countering. I replied, “I can Uber over, if that’s what  you’re really worried about.” 

It was a worry for him, Adam views me as a wild card. Reckless and irresponsible, needing supervision. A person that needs someone to keep me safe. He views it as his job, I need him to keep me safe, to be my bodyguard and my voice. 

“I think it’s the right place to try out flying solo, I mean, I know everyone going.” I pressed again.

“Except Jeff.” he objected.

“Yeah, but. Carl and Ell know him.” 


Guests laughed easily, smiling over cocktails, women dressed in sexy clothing and men somewhat casual in button-downs, necks open at the collar. Flirting, touching, casually conversing between soft kisses, the party was already hot.

Excusing myself through the gathering, I slipped off my outer layer and set my purse on the floor, hanging my coat above in the designated closet. Under my coat an oversized sweater with an off the shoulder boat neck hid the metal silver top that only covered my front, leaving my back completely exposed save for two thin black ties that secured it at my neck and lower back. Adam hadn’t been a fan until tonight, so it stayed packed away in the back of my closet, hidden amongst the other sexy things we’ve recently collected. Pulling it over my head and folding it twice, I set it on top of my purse and pulled the mirrored doors closed. In the reflection, I straightened my top and adjusted the black jeggings that tightly outlined my long legs before turning, not sure if I should acknowledge the naked, writhing bodies on the beds. 

“That looks like fun.” I managed, then headed back out to the living area for a drink to nurse.

That’s when he caught my eye. Moving towards me through the small crowd of people in the living room, he smiled in my direction. He carried himself with confidence, moving directly towards me. Following him with my eyes, he met my gaze, keeping eye contact. I couldn’t help smiling back, I was pleased he was as attractive as I’d hoped he would be. 

“You must Belle.” 

The tone of his voice was silk for my ears, smiling I answered, “And you are?”. 


He was broad, toned and muscled with a strong jaw and a full, styled head of sandy-blonde hair and a smile that showed off a line of perfectly straight, pearly-white teeth. 

We talked for some time and even though I was nervous and not my usual witty, good-humored self, it seemed to be going well. That is, until he excused himself from the conversation, not wanting to “take up all of my time”. Okay … maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought. 

I moved on, not wanting to dwell on whatever I must have said that had caused the sudden departure of the single male had turned me onto the party in the first place. There was another couple there I really enjoyed from past parties and had been interested in playing with, so I wasted no time zeroing in on them. 

Mike & EvieMike was tall, dark and uniquely handsome, with tight brown curls and green eyes that sparkled when he smiled. Evie, was less than 5 feet tall and darling, with a short blonde bob and blue eyes. She smiled shyly up at me, “You’re SO tall!”. 

“You’re so small!” I smiled back, “How tall are you?” 
“4’11” she shrugged, seemingly embarrassed. 
“Hey, that’s what these are for, right?” I motioned to the floor, extending my long leg in their direction turning my heel to show off the five inches of additional height I was standing on. “I’m not always this tall.” I winked. “Actually, I was thinking about ditching these right about now anyway.”

“Better?” I questioned Evie. “Yes, I don’t feel so short now.” she smiled. 
“Yes, and now I can dance,” I said, returning her smile. 

The room around us had cleared out, couples occupying adjacent rooms, moans and grunts mingled with the music. Panting and knocking added to the Latin rhythm pounding from the speakers, sweeping me up in a samba. Swaying hips and rolling my torso seductively to the beat, I jumped up on the couch and lifted and outstretched “come hither” finger in Mike’s direction. He gave me a quick salute and took one overly large step to close the distance between us, finding the beat he wrapped his arms around my body, running them every which direction, his eyes taking in the tops of my breast just barely visible under my silver top, “You’re amazing.”. 

“I want to dance in your lap.”

Mike plopped backwards onto the couch, taking in the full length of my body he casually ran a hand up my leg, anticipation filling his eyes. Carefully stepping a leg over his, I danced over the top of him, seamlessly rolling my hips and body to the music. Dropping slowly and spreading my legs wide, teasing, gently bouncing over his lap. Tracing his hands up the full length of my legs, he looked up at me with his smiling green eyes, “This outfit is amazing.” “If you think this is amazing, wait until you see what I have underneath.” I toyed. Raising I turned, stepping on foot to the floor and lowering myself gracefully, bending at the waist before rolling my body to stand seductively before him still caught up in the sounds pulsing from all around. Tracing a thumb along my waistband, tugging slightly, releasing the button and sliding the zipper open. Little by little, I slithered free from the pants that clung so tightly to my body straining with the music, hips swirling and lifting exposing my ass, inches from his face. “Fuck,” Mike murmured. Placing my hands on his knees and sitting in his lap, I continued my shameless game. Brushing bare flesh against him, inviting him to touch as he pleased. 

Just as Mike was grabbing my ass with both hands, spreading and kneading my curves, Evie danced within reach of us. Swiping at her pants pocket but missing, I pouted back at Mike, “Aw, I missed, I want her to come dance with us.” “EV!” Mike yelled about the music, “Come here!” Mike’s eagerness was amusing and infectious, I found myself torn between sultry dance and girlish giggles as the lap dance turned into a threesome. Kisses on my body and touches from four different hands sent flashes of heat through me, “Is it hot in here?” I panted, “Or is it just me?”. “Definitely you.” they agreed, continuing to pepper on kisses around my body. “Well, how about we all get a little less dressed?” I proposed.

While Mike and Evie undressed, I made a quick trip to the window, letting in a cold stream of winter air, just enough to cool things off a bit before rejoining my sexy duo. They each wrapped a warm arm around me, Evie, kissing softly at my breast while I got caught up looking into Mike’s deep green eyes. Closing my eyes briefly as the pleasure of Evie’s sucking lips roused my nipples, he seemed to enjoy watching my reaction to his wife.  I wanted badly to kiss him but he made no effort to close the distance between our lips, instead, he continued to look, hands roaming the peaks and valleys of my body as it rose and fell under each rousing touch. 

As exciting as this new situation was, a disconnect loomed over what would otherwise have been a very stimulating situation. Sensing no effort from Mike to kiss me, I pulled away.

I’m not usually the one that asks, that’s Adam’s job. It’s his job to be my voice when my shyness of lack of confidence in a situation arises. Without Adam to speak up for me, I usually take it as it comes. In this case, it would either be: silently continuing, wondering if he was into me or just courting me to be his wife's plaything. Maybe my breath was bad? Something in my teeth? Maybe it’s my face? As a brand new unicorn, I didn’t know if I had a place or a role to perform, or maybe there were unwritten rules somewhere that dictate how I should be behaving in this position. One thing about me, I need rules to keep me safe, I need instruction, to keep me from offending someone, to keep me in line with what I want most to be, a good girl. 

Something about this new place, sparked in me the need to seek clarification, “We should talk about your boundaries.” As the words past my lips, I was unsure it wouldn’t ruin the mood. Hands dropped from either side of my body and I braced for the impact of rejection I anticipated.

Instead, quite businesslike, Evie defined the terms of their boundaries. “He doesn’t kiss you. You can kiss me. And- no anal. How about you?” Smiling with relief but also hiding my disappointment I responded with my shortlist. “I’m good with anything. Condoms are a must. Don’t hurt me and ask if you want to take something a little further.” “Actually,” I corrected, “ anal penetration tonight, I’m not prepped for that.” 

Some have said that boundary talks kill the mood, and perhaps that’s what happened, but not being free to express my sexuallity through kissing, is a big hang-up for me. Maybe I need to put that as one of my requirements? I need kissing to feel connected to a sexual situation, but it could also be possible that keeping me from connecting with her partner on that level is what she needs. Either way, it was a learning moment for me.

Ignoring what I really wanted, I agreed to continue playing and to seamlessly transition back into sexy time I asked them, “Is it okay if I go down on Mike?” “Well, I’m not hard.” he hesitated. 
“That’s perfect,” I winked, biting my lower lip, “I love sucking soft cocks.”

By the time I knelt between his long brown legs, his cock was stiffly pointed upwards, “Hey.” I teased, casting an incredulous, flirty side-eye his way, taking hold of his dick and kissed lightly against the tip. I closed my eyes as my lips encircled his impressive girth. Sucking down his shaft became increasingly more difficult as his cock seemed to be still widening and extending with each stroke. Struggling against his engorged dick, I grasped the base, recruiting both hands to keep hold as I attempted to swallow as much of him as I could. “Hhhhhhh ...Oh my God.” Mike hist through a long exhale. Trying my best to take him into the back of my throat, I adjusted on my knees, relaxing my jaw and working my tongue, pulling him in little by little.

Evie had been touching and stroking my body before moving to stand alongside Mike, both of them watching as I licked and sucked, his tip disappearing between my lips. Looking up into their wanting faces, I watched as they kissed before closing my eyes and tightly sucking my mouth deeply around his cock, a slight quiver coming over his body. 

Knowing I still had several inches of unsucked dick in my hands, I wondered just how much more I could take. Extending my neck and widening my throat as I could, displacing my tongue to make room I forced his dick deeper, gagging I choked, pulling back, feeling him against my teeth. “I’m sorry, I can’t!” I mused, “It’s too big!”. Stroking the full length of his dick I confessed, “Also, I feel like I’m getting you with my teeth.”. “Not at all, that was great,” he assured me. 

Relieved, I continued casually stroking his dick, needing a break to catch my breath.

“You want to try something else?” Mike tried. “I’ve always wanted to see Ev get oral from a woman while I fucked that woman from behind.” 

“Sounds fun.” I agreed

Evie took Mike’s place on the couch, laying back into the chaise, spreading her legs and handing me a pillow with a knowing smile. Mike jumped up, grabbing a condom before kneeling behind me on the floor. Bending over and lifting my ass high into the air I smiled back at Mike, “You’re going to need a lot of lube for that.”. 

Placing my hand’s under Evie’s ass, I pulled her to my open mouth, gently closing my lips around her, sucking softly at her pink slit. “Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, pressing her hips into my mouth. “Fuck that’s hot,” Mike exclaimed from behind, drawing my attention to him. I turned back to watch him, playfully flicking my tongue at Evie’s clit, eye’s widening as he placed his huge dick at my opening. Pausing he glanced up at me, eyes locked on each other as he pressed himself into my eager crevice. The sudden fullness inside me was intense, I sucked in a sharp breath, my eyes closing as I took him. Lust and want in my eyes, I opened them again, meeting his, my mouth spread in a wicked grin as he fucked into me deeper. I turned back to Evie, “He is huge. How do you fit that in this little pussy?” I teased, winking at her. “It took some getting used to,” she confessed. Again feeling the fullness of his cock penetrating me, this time I buried my face in Evie’s soft lips. 

Feeling Mike’s pace slow, I could tell he was trying to not come, laying over my back he kissed my neck, “You want to switch? I’d love to see Ev eat you out. “Sure, thing.” I agreed. 

Ev and I switched places, repeating the previous scene, this time I watched him fuck his wife while she licked and kissed my softness. I held his gaze while he pumped his enormous dick, in and out of Evie’s petite pussy. Watching was torture, I wanted badly, to be wildly riding Mike’s cock, passionately kissing and clawing as I enjoy fucking the full length, his width spreading me wider than ever before.

“Oh, fuck.” I let out.

I was both excited and worried. In the back of my head, is always worry that my enjoyment of sex with someone else is going to make Adam feel inadequate. Closing my eyes I could hear him in my ear, feel his weight against me, whispering his want for me to love it, to take Mike’s huge cock and ride. To let him fill me up like no other. I wanted it, playing it over again in my mind.

As I was caught up in my fantasy I barely noticed Evie had released her hold of me. Mike was vigorously pounding her pussy, thrusting relentlessly. Ev was moaning loudly, attracting the attention of the whole room including the host who came over to suggest taking pictures to send to Adam. “We’ve taken a few, but you should definitely take some from your point of view.” I smiled. “I think he’d appreciate that.”

Slowing again, Mike suggested we switch it up. Which was an opportunity I jumped on. “I’ve always wanted to 69 with a woman and share a dick. You fuck her, then face fuck me.” “Sounds good.” “You’re tiny, so you’re on top.” I pointed to Evie as I crawled around and laid on my back, head at the edge of the couch. Straddling my face I caressed Evie’s cute ass, placing a single lick up the full length of her mound, then spreading her open for Mike’s hard cock. Watching him disappear into her slit was intoxicating, licking and sucking at them both as we shared such a tiny space. Evie trembled and bucked. Her moans were muffled against my clit but I could feel the orgasm building inside her as she shook and flexed against my body. As she bucked forward, Mike pulled out of her dripping hole and plunged his cock into my open mouth. I could only manage the tip from that angle, the length of his dick preventing more. He pulled away from my mouth and to my exhilaration, plunged forcefully into Evie’s cunt. She groaned against me as I held her open to him, licking eagerly trying to share in making her cum. Her trembling became more violent as he pulled back and forcefully fucking into her again, this time bringing a hand back and slapping it hard against her ass cheek. Evie writhed and squirmed and moaned as he thrusted into her again and again. Pulling out suddenly, Mike offered his dick to me again, this time I turned my head to take in as much of his large cock that I could, sucking and licking Evie’s tangy juice from his shaft. Choking, he withdrew without pausing, penetrating Evie’s sloppy wet slit again. Excitement built inside me, I joined him, nursing her slick clit with my lips and tongue, anticipating her climax, I sucked and licked every part of her smooth wet pink slit. Tongue wriggling and snaking back and forth, Evie moaned louder, spreading her legs wide, offering herself up to Mike’s relentless pounding. In a heave, she bucked once … twice … back arching, legs rigidly stretching, toes pointing stiffly as she came hard on his cock. ​

Collapsing on top of me, Evie’s body went slack, her chest heaved against my stomach as Mike pulled out, relieving her spent hole. Evie pushed up, carefully climbing off of me, untangling legs and arms as she went. Having not finished Mike stood stroking himself, pointing his dick at my face, “I still have to make you cum.” he said, gently bouncing his cock off my cheek. Giggling I reached for his dick with my open mouth, barely getting a tongue on his tip. “You’re on.” I challenged. Swinging my legs around and setting my feet to the ground, I bounded off the couch. “Let me grab some supplies. Don’t. Go. Anywhere.” motioning him to stay with both hands. 

My bag was open on the tv stand, just at the end of the couch. I stood, naked body sideways to the room, picking up a roll of condoms, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye that was headed in my direction.

Before I could return to my pledged activities, I was intercepted by two familiar faces. Adam and I had played with them before and while it was fun, we didn’t quite connect with them sexually, making it somewhat awkward to see them again. Alone, without Adam. Naked. 

Condom and lube in each hand. As they continued their approach, it registered that they had clothes on. Leaving, I thought. Better to be cordial and send them off with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Only my nakedness, the condom, the lube. The expecting naked man sitting on the couch feet from me. None of these things seemed to deter them from extending the conversation past a quick greeting. 
In a moment of truly majestic awkwardness, that only someone on my level can even dream of having come completely, mind-fuckingly easy to them, I abruptly ended the conversation. “Um, we’re gonna fuck ...” I shrugged, shaking condom and lube in each hand, I apologized, “...sorry, bye.” 
They looked slightly rejected, as though they truly didn’t realize I was naked. As they walked away, my guilt got the better of me. “Thanks for saying hi, it was lovely to see you again.” I nervously laughed. Waving the lube at them as I watched them go, cringing at myself. 

Mike was right where I’d left him, sitting back on the sectional, stroking his thick cock in one hand. The scene, feeling familiar, made me want to “pornstar” fuck, a term given to a position that Adam and I had used in a pervious play experiance. With Mike already in position on the couch, I asked, “You want to try something?”. With his free he reached for me, stroking the curve of my side, “I’m all yours.” 

With a smile I handed Mike the condom, “Put this on.” 

We continued to pornstar fuck, cowgirl, hotdog and even used my wand in a valiant attempt to make me cum. The stimulation was overwhelming but there was one thing that held up my ability to turn over. An uninvited guy had jumped in, touching and kissing my breast. It was distracting. Do I stop him? Do I tell him he fucked up? That he didn’t ask? Do I make a scene to stand up for myself?

He had chatted me up earlier in the evening and while he’s a nice conversationalist and handsome enough, I hadn’t connected with him on a level that made me want to play. Worse still, his wife not only looks like my sister, they have the same name. It simply wasn’t going to happen.
His sudden advance, in an effort ‘to help’, wasn’t helping. It did the opposite. His touch put my body in a state of pause, seriously stimulated and at the verge of orgasm, but frozen, unable to advance. In frustration, I ‘mercied’ my way out.

Hide and Seek

I tried to keep things light by laughing my way out, which worked seamlessly. I cried for mercy, everyone laughed and I laid frozen on the couch for a moment, questioning what I should do. 
I decided to let it go, but I needed to make sure this man didn’t force me into telling him no. So I did what I always do when avoiding conflict, I fled. 

Excusing myself to the restroom, I left with my phone.

Locking the door behind me I sat on the edge of the tub and stared into my phone. 

   -I’m not having any fun.

That’s not what the pictures
Looked like-

   -These pictures?


​Really? You’re not?

   -I’m teasing. I’m super sober
   though and I miss you.

So who’d you fuck?-
Or are you still going?-

   -Mike & Evie

Lucky them-
Are you still going?-
Did you come?-

   -Kind of, fingers and toy.

Are you gonna fuck
the single guy?

   -IDK, I’m not feeling it.

Ok, go have fun.
Let me know when you 

   -Ok, love you.



The Single Guy

Buying myself I bit more time, I rinsed myself off in the shower. All thought of the uninvited guy gone from my mind, I was fine and ready to go rejoin the party. Smoothing my hair and checking my teeth in the mirror I drew in a long deep breath and walked back into the living room.

“I like this outfit.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, unable to hear him over the music. 

“This outfit,” Jeff grinned, motioning up and down my naked body, “I like it.”

I was taken back, early in the evening I thought he’d been disinterested in playing with me. Perhaps now he was just making small talk to be cordial? 

“Thanks,” I laughed. “That’s a good look for you as well,” I joked, acknowledging his briefs. 
Excusing myself around him, picked up a bottle of water from the table, twisting off the cap and placing it to my lips I drink long and hard. Nerves, I acknowledged to myself. I was completely sober and it wasn’t helping. 

“Thirsty?” he asked, brows raised in surprise. “Yeah, well… you know, sex is hard work. Plus all of that panting and moaning really dries your mouth out.” I mused, smiling at him from behind the water bottle. “Are you drinking anything tonight?” he asked. “No, just water. I have to drive.” I complained. “Me too,” he shrugged, “What about something very small though? Would you be up for that? I could pour you a little something.” 

My mind raced back and forth between refusal and acceptance, pro’s and con’s, do I or don’t I? 

“Sure, I’m game.”

“Come here, I have a little something on the other table,” he beckoned. 

I followed, not really sure I was making the right decision but telling myself I could always have a sip and then pretend if necessary. At the other table I stood anxiously waiting for whatever it was he was about to make. Pick up a bottle he proudly displayed it in both hands, touting it’s flavor profile and properties necessary to create a single bottle. It was all very impressive but completely lost on me.

“Do you like tequila?” his words snapping out of my thoughts. 

“I’ve actually never had tequila.” 

“Really? You surprise me, Belle.”  

Handing me a red solo cup, half filled with ice and amber colored tequila, he raised his glass. “To you,” he smiled. 

Meeting his glass with mine I wasn’t sure what to say to the guy who’d seemly rejected me early and now seems to be coming on strong. “Thanks,” I managed. 

Still a little lost to his intentions I placed the cup to my lips and tipped the cup back. I shuddered as the sharp taste kicked around my mouth, slightly burning down my throat. 

“You don’t like it?” he asked concerned.

“No, that’s not it,” I assured him. “I just wasn’t ready for it to punch me in the back of the throat like it did. It’s not bad, just not something I’m used to.”

Jeff smiled at me, watching as I sipped, laughing as each drink my eye pinched shut and my head shook. Sensing he might actually be interesting after all I figured I would lay my terms up front, to shut it down before it got started if he wasn't ‘qualified’. 

“Just a heads up, I’m allergic to latex and nicotine, so I can’t play with smokers.” I pried. 

“Oh?” he seemed uninterested. “I didn’t assume we were going to fuck,” he panned. 

“Oh my god.” I thought, my mouth breaking into a grin. “He is toying with me!”. I suddenly felt drawn in, my body responding, a slight tingle stirring between my thighs. I looked at him, eyes finding his lips, biting my own in response to my body wanting to kiss him.

He smiled over his cup, watching my reaction.

I was playing it cool when I realized my bag was on the table just behind us. Reaching my hand inside I pulled a small tube of carmex from its inside pocket. Slowly unscrewing the lid, taking my time, I applied it generously. Feeling his eyes watching me, I placed a finger to my mouth, gently spreading a glossy bead over my soft lips. 

“I’d like to think you put that on to kiss me”, he tried.

“I might have,” I somewhat admitted, measuring his reaction. “I mean, I didn’t assume we were going to kiss” 

Jeff’s smile was immediate, “Oh, I like you.” he purred.

Stepping closely, our bodies nearly touching, I placed my lips near his. “Would you like to kiss me?” I questioned. His breath hot against my mouth, he breathed, “I would”. Jeff snaked an arm around my waist, pulling my body to him, meeting my lips with his, pressing hard against me. 

Losing ourselves in each other we kissed and groped, passionately gripping, clawing, hands tracing over muscles and curves. With one hand around my waist and the other laced through my hair he pulled me into his desperate kisses, want and lust burning hot between us. Moving to the bedroom, the torrent of kisses didn’t stop. Need pressing, I felt my body taking control, lust driving me, powerful desire for him rushed through me. 

The feeling was new and different, apart from any other experience in the lifestyle. I was aroused. Thoroughly and truly. The feeling intense in my groin, my slit craving to be parted. I sat, slowly lowering myself back on the bed, motioning with my finger for him to come. Taking his time, he crawled on his hands and knees, kissing his way up my body. He rested himself on top of me, placing his trapped cock between my legs.

Jeff seemed to delight in the the yearning thrusts of my body into his. He reacted in turn, teasing close to my lips before turning away, placing his mouth to my neck and sucking deeply, pressing his dick to my mound, grinding firmly against me.

Desperation grew as he skillfully stroked and played near the openings of my body. Reaching for him, I found him soft in my hand. “Sorry,” he apologized, “I fucked for an hour waiting for you.” 

“Oh?” I said, taken aback. “Yes,”  he whispered, “I wanted you from the start but I let you get away.”. My eyes closed tightly at his words, drawing in a breath as a rush of butterflies flitted through me, making me feel light and dizzy with passion.

If I couldn’t have him hard and stiff inside me, I wanted his soft, flaccid cock in my mouth. To feel him grow, filling me as my tongue licked and lips sucked at his length. Changing places, I placed my fingers in his waistband, removing them, placing kisses down the length of his body as I pulled. Taking his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his tip, I sucked deeply, enjoying the sensation of his soft dick. Jeff’s tangy sweet precum came easily to his tip, adding to my arousal I continued suck and drink, working his shaft with my mouth, gently drawing him in, massaging his balls in my hands. 

Surprised, I felt frustration began to take over, no matter how I worked, Jeff’s dick refused to fully stiffen. Doubling down on my efforts, I sucked fast and hard on Jeff’s cock, begging with my vigorous efforts for him to harden. 

Gasping, coming up for air, I looked into Jeff’s eyes, my hand firmly stroking his cock. “You’re a tough customer,” I teased. 

“It’s not you,” he promised. “I am very turned on, even if it doesn’t look like it.”
“It’s okay,” I soothed, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to taste you.”

Wrapping his arms around me, pulling me in for a kiss, he rolled us effortlessly, ending on top of me, his weight pressing me in the bed. We lay kissing wantfully writhing against each other, before I withdrew, sliding down my body, stopping at the soft patch of neatly trimmed hair topping my mound. Inhaling my scent, I spread my legs wide for him, watching with anticipation as he kissed all around my smooth lips. Heat coursed through me as he danced his tongue close to my slit, hot breaths against me flushed my cheeks with desire. Pressing his tongue between my lips and snaking it around my clit, my body jerked, my head falling back in the pillows, forcing me to inhale sharply. His warm mouth against me, his tongue searching me deeply, my mind filling with greedy, lustful thoughts. 

I wanted him. Inside me. Bare. Now.

Startled by my own thoughts, I retreated. “Get a condom,” I need to fuck you. 

“I’m not hard, I’m sorry. I want you so badly.” he apologized again. 

“Rub your dick against me.” I urged.

Kneeling, Jeff placed his tip to my impatient slit , sliding his length across me as I moaned, head tossed back in ecstasy.  

Getting hard enough to put on condom, I handed one to Jeff, trying his best we rubbed and bucked into each, both frustrated with the situation. Using his knuckles, Jeff tried to help stimulate me and keep the condom on but fearing the condom was not staying on, and slight cramping in my hip from the endless thrusting, I called it. Playtime was over.  

Frustrated and annoyed with myself, I dressed and gathered my things. 

Calling Adam to let him know I was on my way home didn’t help matters, something was off with him, he wasn’t his usual curious self.  He was quiet and distant. Confessing he was tired and emotional, I had talked with him just long enough to get myself home. As I was pulling in the driveway, he said goodnight, he was jumping in the shower before heading out with a couple for drinks. I pressed him to see if something was bothering him, but he insisted he was okay.

Heading upstairs, I clicked off the lights one by one, pulling off my socks and outer layers as I went and tossing them in a heap on the floor. Looking over at my night stand, I climbed into bed, picked up my wand and said, “Alexa, turn off Master bedroom lights.”

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