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Episode 15: Adam's MFM

​Part 2: Adam
How Belle and Adam Became a Unicorn & Manicorn on the same night

As I sat in my cold, dark seat inside the passenger plane, I was on. I tried my best to keep my mind focused on the work that sat in front of me. Occasionally my mind would wander, and my imagination would run wild about what Belle was doing at the hotel party. She had left about the time we departed Boston for Seattle. We were three hours into the five and a half hour flight. Surly she was fucking some guy by now, maybe more. Maybe she was in the throes of an Orgy, has the Unicorn fucked all the men at the party. As I reigned my mind back in, I was really hoping that she was having fun. Belle was not the only thing on my mind though, I had my own experience waiting for me on the other end of this flight.
48 hours prior, Belle and I were sitting in a rooftop igloo of an upscale hotel in downtown Boston. We had met Joe, who was visiting for work from his home in Seattle. Joe runs in the same lifestyle circles as us, and we had interacted with him and his wife on telegram quite frequently. It is always lovely to sit down and meet someone face to face that you have had a digital connection with. Joe was funny and engaging and very smart. Belle was absolutely into Joe. Unfortunately, Jane could not make the trip and was suffering severe FOMO as we sat there in the igloo 2500 miles away. We were giddily sending her pictures and messages about how much fun we were having. We all clicked pretty readily, sharing stories and experiences we have had along the way. The night ended with hugs and hopes of another meeting soon, hopefully with all four of us in the same place. Joe and Jane don't play separately, which is entirely respectable for couples in the lifestyle.
I never would have thought that two days later, my company would need someone to go out to Seattle. Surely Joe and Jane had plans, but teasingly I sent them a message anyway. "Hey, guess who will be in Seattle Sunday night?" Joe replied, almost immediately, "Seriously? Our plans just canceled due to snow, would you like to get together?" Now, I always like to meet people when I'm traveling…Its fun, but playing with them is usually off the table for me, despite Belle's encouragement. By this point, Belle had already committed to going to the hotel party as a Unicorn. I was already walking out the door to catch my flight, so I was not prepared for anything when they finally confirmed plans. As I sat in my car, about to put it in reverse, the back door flew open, and Belle ran to my door, opening it with vigor. "Go have fun," she said as she stuffed some condoms in my pocket. Our 13 year old, whom I was dropping off at a party before heading to work looked at me "What was that all about dad?", "I don't know, I guess ill find out later," I lied back to him.
Fast forward to the flight again, with about two long hours remaining, with every minute ticking by in the slowest possible way. I was calm and focused, almost in a state of zen, until my phone buzzed. The host of the party just sent over pictures of Belle.  She was in 69 with another woman as the woman was getting fucked. Another, Of Belle getting fucked by a generously sized dick. And then a short time later, more pictures, this time from Belle herself, of more of the action happening. That airplane got really small at that moment, as my heart started pumping and my breathing quickened. That state of zen was gone, replaced by panic, nerves, excitement, Fear of missing out (FOMO), and of course, compersion. Feeling myself spiraling downhill, I turned to my coworker and started up a conversation, just to try and get my mind off of what was happening 1,500 miles behind me. I wanted so badly to just turn my phone off, but I feared that Belle would need me, and I always want to be there for her. I knew that Belle was safe with this crowd, people we have all met and played with before, but things sometimes change when the male half is not there. It's like the security blanket gets removed.
Belle was just leaving the party as the aircraft touched down in Seattle. As I walked off the airplane, my phone rang with the details of her evening waiting. I walked through the terminal with my team, listening and replying as generically as I could as to not tip off my coworkers. Belle told me about her night, playing with a mixed-race couple we had been to a few parties with but had never played with. How he was a grower, with his dick more than tripling in size as it grew. She went on about how they played, their rules, and the different positions they played in. It was immensely challenging to walk through that terminal, subdued, listening to her detail her sexual exploits of the night. She also let me know how much she missed me and presently hiding in the bathroom to text me. As I got in the shuttle that was to take us to the hotel, Belle was detailing her interaction with the solo male that was there…The flirting was off the chart, the sexual connection was on point, and she really wanted him. Unfortunately, he had some mechanical problems, so she was not able to reach complete sexual satisfaction with him.
Arriving at my hotel, I was very emotional, and I needed to get it off my chest so I could go and have a good time myself. I laid on the bed briefly and pulled out my voice recorder on my phone. I let my emotions fly at that moment, being as vulnerable as I could. I didn't realize what was pouring out until after I sent it to Belle the next morning. I was self-destructive and self-deprecating. "I know I don't sexually satisfy Belle, and I want her to have fun," jettisoned out of my mouth. The things I said really surprised her, and frankly surprised me as well. It was all part of the roller coaster of emotions I go through when we play solo. Will it get better? I don't know.
Having that off my chest, I refocused on getting ready at lightning speed. Jumping in the shower, shaving, and trying to look spiffy despite not being prepared for any kind of play. Donning the only clothes I had, which was Levis and a Baseball hoodie, I walked downstairs to meet Joe and Jane. She was stunning, short dark hair with a shaved side, tight denim jeans, a pink tank top that lay just under a grey jacket. Joe was in Casual Jeans and a tee-shirt, with a light North Face jacket on. They had decided that they would take me out to get some coffee and a piece of pie, which was both different and fun. They sat on one side of the booth together, while I sat across from them so we could talk. They recounted some stories of mutual friends, a paragliding accident, and told stories about work. The conversation ebbed and flowed flawlessly through the evening, from conversation to playful flirting and back. It was relaxed and smooth like all lifestyle experiences should be. On the way back to the hotel, it came up that Joe and Jane had never had a threesome!! Sitting in the back of their SUV, a smile drew across my face. I knew where this was headed. I volunteered to be their first threesome and invited them up to the room, which they eagerly accepted.
Standing there, face to face with Jane, I was about to ask her if I could kiss her, but she beat me to it.  
"Adam, may I kiss you?"  
"I was about to ask you the same thing!"  ​

I leaned in for that first kiss, letting our lips caress and feel each other. "You're a good kisser," she said, pulling slightly away from my face. Joe was standing back, taking in the moment, pulling out his camera to document the night. As kissing turned to make out, Jane worked her hand under my shirt and slowly pulled in up over my head. She slowly ran her hands down my chest, making sure to feel my pecks, and my abs, before just reaching the top of my jeans. Running her hand along the baseline of my belt, slowly unbuckling it, without breaking the kiss. I slowly removed her jacket as she was undressing me, caressing her fantastic breast with my hands. As she unzipped my pants, I lifted her shirt over her head and exposed her lacy black bra. "Oh, I like that!" I said with a devilish smile. She looked at me with approving eyes, and then slowly slid my pants to the floor, leaving me only in my black boxers. Her jeans were skin tight, so I unbuttoned them before she helped take them off, which I appreciated.
Standing there in our underwear, still kissing, I guided her to the bed. I laid her down while moving my kisses slowly down her body, making sure to pay attention to all of her incredible, sensitive lines. As I reached her panties with my lips, I move laterally to let my tongue trace the edge of her panty line, teasing her, making her want more. I then moved my mouth over her panty clad mound, breathing my hot breath onto her and following that with tongued kisses. When she had finally had enough, and she was begging for more, I hooked her panties with my thumbs and slowly slid them off of her body, kissing and teasing her as I did so. As I kissed my way back up her beautiful, fit body, I took the time to look up and admire the goddess in front of me, waiting and wanting me. My lips reached her bare pussy, and this time, I wasn't teasing, I was working to please her. Sucking, twirling, flicking her clit, letting my tongue drift south and tracing her opening before wondering back into position. 

I tried to make sure she was enjoying it…and she was. As time passed and she was ready, she pulled me up to her, wanting my lips to press against hers as she felt my cock run and rub against her slit. This is the ultimate danger and ultimate trust. One wrong move or ill intention, and my bare cock would slide into her. She trusted me, and I trusted her, so we passionately ground on each other, enjoying the pleasure and sensations surging through our bodies. Joe, standing on the side of the bed, had out his camera and was eagerly documenting his wife being taken by another man, waiting to jump in at the right moment.
I couldn't take it anymore, the intense pleasure was building, and I didn't want to ruin the play session by chumming to soon, so I pulled back, smiled, and asked if there was anything that they wanted to try.
"I've always wanted to go down on two guys at once!" Jane sheepishly said.
"Let's do it!" I eagerly replied.

This was a first for me as well. Jane knelt on the floor and took her husbands' nice cock into her mouth while grabbing and stroking mine. After a few moments, she switched and sucked on me while stroking him. Visually this was amazing! Like watching real-life porn, but Jane was so much more than anything I've seen in a porn click. Jane's enthusiasm and energy were making the night, and I was SO turned on by her incredible body and fun personality.
After a little while, Joe was getting a bit close to cumming, so he tapped out and stepped away for just a second. Just as I wondered where he went, I heard Jane moan on my dick, pull her head away and say, "OH GOD!" Joe had laid down on the floor and slid his head underneath Jane, who was on her knees. He was now eating her pussy while she was going to town, blowing me. One of the great things about Joe & Jane is their communication. It was their very first MFM, and they were vocal about the things they wanted to try, something they had fantasized about, and that made it relaxed and fun.
Since Jane had enthusiastically given us a double blow job, I got the idea to reciprocate the gesture to her. "Have you ever had two guys eat you out?" I asked. Her eyes grew big, and a smile drew across her face like a child that has just been given the approval to buy that special toy. "YES, PLEASE!"
She laid back on the bed as Joe, and I worked in tandem, one man kissing her and her body while the other one pleasures her pussy. We would then switch, providing that different sensation and technique in her pleasure zone. Her head drawn back, she moaned and bucked from the being the center of attention in this experience. That is what I like about MFM's, I love pleasing women, and not being the center of attention myself. Here we were, putting all of our energy into Janes pleasure, it is rewarding to see her writhe and moan in pleasure, I crave that feedback.  
As I was kissing he core, her breast, and her neck, she stopped me, grabbing my cock "I want you in my mouth" as she took my length.  Joe, seeing this, stood up and buried himself deep in her pussy, once again eliciting a loud moan from her. As he fucked her intensely, making her bounce as the whole bed moved, she tried to keep my cock in her mouth. It was then that my eyes caught the Hitachi, just sitting there on the nightstand waiting and begging to join the action. I grabbed it, placing on her beautiful pussy and holding it there, "AHHHHH OHHH FUUUCCKKK," she moaned.  It was intense, no doubt, every single pleasure center was being hit. She had no choice but to cum, and cum really hard. Arching her back and pulling her head back and off my dick, I gently reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, guiding her head back on to my very hard member. As her orgasm ceased and the sensitivity crept in, she tapped out. After a quick water break, she crawled onto the bed, condom in hand, and asked me how I liked to be fucked. "I want to watch your core moved and flex on top of me…riding me". She nodded her head, "I'd like that."
I love that feeling when the head of my cock first penetrates a beautiful woman, and I feel her slide down my shaft for that first time, feeling her tightness clamp around this new cock. It's very primal and hard to explain. Sitting upright, she moved and twerked her incredible body, dancing on my dick, begging it to cum. After a few moments, she picked up the pace…" If you go too fast, I will come…slooww," I begged. It was then that it happened. One of the hottest moments in the lifestyle for me. Jane interlocked her hands with mine, using them as leverage to bounce up and down. She then forcefully pinned my hands above my head (did I mention she was powerful?) And accelerated her motions, twerking on my cock, flexing her ass, and Vulcan moving my dick in the process. 

I really did give it a valiant effort, trying really hard not to cum. I even tried to hold back the explosion as long as I could…., but it was all in vain. I had a forceful explosive orgasm inside her, the toe-curling, eye-rolling in the back of your head, back-arching orgasm. It was incredible. I was at that moment I realized Joe had recorded the whole thing, with a big smile on his face he could only say "Fuck! That was hot."
I jumped up to clean myself up and reset. When I came back into the room, they were sitting on the bed with some toys we had talked about earlier. They showed me the different gags they had, their bondage tape, and the "Varsity" Team. Joe then put one of the gags on Jane before positioning his yet to cum cock at her opening in a scissor-like position. I laid in front of her, kissing her breast and neck while enjoying the view of her getting fucked while gagged. I kissed her around her lips, with her unable to reciprocate. Joe fucked her hard until he had his own orgasm, and then we all collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.
We chatted for another half hour, about lifestyle issues, about Belle, and about the experience in general. I soaked up their knowledge about bondage toys, that was all new to me. We slowly got dressed, I did have meetings in the morning, and it was approaching 2am Pacific Time. A kiss and a hug were exchanged, and they were off. A scorching hot night coming to an end.  
As I laid down and drifted off to sleep, that familiar chime on my phone went off.   It was Belle asking how the night went?  I took the opportunity to send her some of the very sexy photos that Joe had taken of the night.  I also sent off the recording I had made a few hours before, to try and help her understand how I was feeling.  That did not go over well with her, it made her cry and come to the conclusion that solo play was not for us.  I tried to explain that the emotional response I was having was from being trapped with no outlet for energy and that I was, in fact, okay!  As we both said our goodnights, all seemed right in the world again.  My love was safe, she knew I loved her, and that I was okay.
The next morning as I was working out in the gym, Joe and Jane showed up to get a vanilla photo with me, as we had forgotten one the night before.  They were really an incredible couple, one whom I cannot wait to see again!

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