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Episode 2: First MFM


I had been communicating with this guy on SLS and Kik a few times and had set up a meet and greet Sunday night. After talking to C about their spontaneous threesome, Belle was like “ok, let’s give it a shot.” A was 25 years old, 6’7” and had about an 8” dick. We met him at a restaurant for some drinks. Besides being a little awkward, he was very respectful and kind. He had been with other couples before and knew that he was a guest in our relationship. Knowing the Belle was having a procedure that Tuesday that would prohibit intercourse for a while, she wanted to do it. After dinner, we agreed to head to a local hotel for our first MFM threesome.
When we arrived, and it was time, Belle asked: “so, how do we start?” So I went for her hot spot…kissing her neck and touching her. A soon joined in, and with two guys kissing her neck and caressing her she just melted into pure pleasure. I slowly worked her clothes off and went down on her while she was receiving topside pleasure from him. After a few minutes we switch, and he was going down on her, oral, licking, fingering her with his huge hands. We soon switched it up to where she was blowing him while I was fucking her from behind…a fantasy of hers fulfilled. When It came time for him to enter her, I took a step back and watched the moment another guy took my wife’s pussy after 16 years. She was doggy style, and he slid his monster out dick gently in her. After letting them fuck for a few minutes, I asked her if she wanted to try double vaginal penetration…another bucket item. She got on top of him while I moved in behind and slowly starting working my dick into her already filled opening….with lots of lube of course. The feeling was intense and worked really well. A and I came within seconds of each other, and Belle just fell to the bed, completely exhausted. She mentioned that it was amazing and intense, but it was too stimulating, so she didn’t come. She also said it felt like it went really fast…until I pointed out that it was an hour and a half of nonstop fucking. Another threesome is definitely on the to-do list…there are more things she wants to try position wise!

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