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Episode 3: First Full Swap

 (Episode 3) From No Swap to Full Swap

We had been chatting with L&O for a few months. They seemed like a perfectly normal and safe couple to go out with. We knew that he coached, and was in civil service. She was an attorney of some kind. They demanded discretion, but yet were very upfront and honest about their identities. They called it a “leap of faith.”
Belle and I weren’t totally into them, but we figured at worst we have a good dinner and a story to share along the way. The funny part was they were VERY detailed and over-communicating, I guess maybe expecting us to bail. Within a few days, he started to try and throw in aviation slang into the Kik conversation…and he was horrible at it!!! Just awful. #tryingtohard
We had set up to meet them in the city for some drinks in a no pressure situation, as all swingers do the first time they meet. We asked them if they would mind picking the location, which they obliged. It raised our eyebrows when the site was a restaurant at a very lovely Hotel…oh and by the way, they got a room. We said what the hell, and headed to the city around 8pm.
They were a lovely couple to talk to. The conversations flowed nicely, and we had some great discussion. The funny part about this lifestyle is the stigma that is attached. You always think the couples will be shady or questionable. Now we talk a lot about discretion, and say well, everyone needs it, which is true. This couple though I completely understand the requirement to have discretion because of their high profile jobs.
As we got later into the night, Belle gave me the nonverbal cue that she wanted to take things further, so we let them know we were comfortable with it. You could see the excitement on their faces that their/our first swap was about to happen! We went up to the room and had a discussion about boundaries and consent, something that always needs to happen. They were ok with anything except anal, as were we. Then the awkward pause came! Belle was standing there in damn sexy lingerie, and everyone else was fully clothed. I decide to take the reigns and walk up to kiss O. She was like a freaking tiger, instantly pulling me onto the bed and grinding on me. To say things moved quickly would be accurate. It went from kissing and grinding to me going down on her to her being on her knees kissing Belle with me under her legs giving oral to her orgasming…really quick. After that, she told me to get a condom on and fuck her. Now, this is the first woman I’ve fucked in 17 years besides belle, so I was understandably a little nervous but obliged. We fucked in all kinds of ways, doggy, standing, missionary, her riding me…but honestly…it wasn’t that great because I wasn’t super attracted to her. To be fair, she had great breasts, but I’m not really a big breasts person, I'm more of a core/ass person. 
Belle kinda got jipped on her end (I felt). L was hung ok, but he was really intent on missionary and whispering weird shit in Belle’s ear like “I want you to remember this.” In the meantime, she was thinking “shut up and just fuck me.” Towards the end though something new happened. She was on her back with her legs straight up, she was using her satisfier toy while he was on his knees fucking her. She had it waayyyy turned up, trying to come. When she does all I hear is “oh fuck I’m coming, fuck, fuck I’m squirting!! Oh my god. Now, Belle has never really squirted before, not like that. She was a little mortified, but he really seemed to like it, saying stuff like “no no that was amazing…perfect.”
After we cleaned up a little and got dressed we headed home, declining the invitation to stay the night. As we were decompressing the experience, Belle found out I didn’t really have an orgasm, not a great one. All that time and fucking, and at the very end, I fucking misfired! Well, when we arrived home, we had our reconnecting sex, and oh man! It was good sex. As fun as fucking other people is, Belle just knows me inside and out, and I know her, and damn…it’s good.

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