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Episode 38: Adam's Notes

Reece: Solo Play

Reece and I have insane sexual chemistry, which is very rarer me  in the lifestyle. In fact, I would venture to say that this kind of chemistry has only happened two other times in our time as swingers.  


We had been solo chatting for some time,  sexting at work, in the gym, bringing her to orgasm through the written word.  It's fun to feel wanted and desired, while letting the sexual tension build until we can get our hands on each other again.  We finally got Belle & Jim on a solo chat, and wow did they run with it.  I was surprised how quickly they went from chatting to  arranging a solo play on a Monday!  With that all set up,  we arranged to play that same Wednesday night.  

I wanted it to be amazing, so I was looking for nice hotels in Boston, and the Encore popped up…YES!  I had wanted to go there before with Belle, but it didn’t work out

Wanting to maximize my time with Reece, I offered to meet her half way and pick her up, knowing that it could be a super late night.

———Day of——-

I woke up at 5am, headed to the gym.  On the way we got a low tire warning….yep, a big ol screw in my tire.  I literally Killed 1/2 the day trying to get it fixed, visiting no less than 5 tire shops that did not have the space or staffing to work on my car.

Now I was running late, very late!  I threw lights together, a swingers bag, and head out.  In a rush I had sent Jim a message asking what she likes to drink, which was Tequilla, Lime, and club Soda, so I stopped at a store on the way.


About the time I got to the liquor store, I remembered I left the speaker!  NOT THE SPEAKER!!! Music is essential to setting the right mood while playing.

Nearly reaching Mach 1 in my car, I managed to meet her on time…!  We made out for a few minutes while leaning up against the car, and then drove to Boston in Studio T.

Checking in, the Hotel was incredible.  They had upgraded us to a suite on the 15th floor overlooking Boston harbor.












As she was getting settled, I set up the lights while she made us drinks.



We started making out, she undressed me to my boxers, I undressed her

We moved to the couch,  the to the bed.  Oral, more oral,  orgasms


The edge play, teasing, hot dogging, building anticipation.  I really wanted to draw it out…I had to make. It last. Oral, Blow Jobs…her expressing desire to lick and pleasure my dick was amazing, I really had to let go and enjoy the moment.


Big Square Pillows!!!


I Turned. Her over on her knees, and bent her over the pillows, teasing her with my cock.  Sliding it up.  And down, teasing her opening.  She was pressing back into me, wanting me to lose control and penetrate Her.


We Fucked.  From behind, missionary, a particular favorite is when she would ride me, and then move up onto my face for oral.    We ended back in doggy fucking in a primal way, sweating, cumming, and collapsing on the bed.


Laying there talking about my past, and issues with solo play and insecurities…trauma from my mom.  It got really heavy, but the weird part was it rapidly transitioned into more sex, missionary until she came really hard.


At this point we were getting hungry and needed to clean up a bit.  We both got in the shower together, which was another first for me.  I had not showered with another woman (besides Belle)  in almost 19 years.  We kissed, washed each other, and the fucked again.  Having already cum twice, I couldn't cum again, but I really didn't need to, the experience was amazing, sensual, and oh so hot.


Dinner - Rare Steakhouse


Before we went down I checked in with Belle and let her know I was not going to stay the night.  It's not that I didn't want to, but there is just something about going home that I like.


When we got back to the room,  we immediately started undressing each other again…That led to us fucking this time ending up with me holding her, pinned against the glass on the 15th floor, overlooking the city.  As we were fucking she whispered in my ear "God I hope people can see us!"  WOW!! What a hot thing to say.  I was lost in that moment and how hot it was, feeling my cock sliding inside her, my hands on her ass, her arms wrapped around me.  I came forcefully, trying to keep hold her, pressing her against the glass.


I walked her over to the bed, still connected, and laid her down.  We had more pillow talk, this time about our spouses.  Of course that led to more fucking, but this time from behind, facing the city.. I was going slow, gentle, teasing her…until she came, and then told me to finish how I wanted.  Having already come multiple times, I needed.  To. Go. Fast.  I pounded her pussy as she moaned in enjoyment, telling me how much she loved me inside her.


We wrapped up the night around midnight, and drove her back to her car.  She lasted about 15 minutes into the drive before she passed out on my shoulder, exhausted from the nights activities.


I walked in around 2am, and of course fucked, being the 4th time, I took forever to cum...I really had nothing left, but still having viagra in my system, I was able to connect with Belle while recounting the night to her.  

What an amazing experience! 

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