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Episode 4: First Real House Party
(Embarrassing Moments)

Part 11 (Episode 4). K&J and a house party

This super sexy couple had sent us a kik message from SLS. Unfortunately, I had to put them on ice for a week as I was really busy down in Florida with baseball. When I got home, I had completely forgotten about it until they sent us a kik. "Hey, drink tonight?" You can't get more direct than that. We had learned our lesson from the couple we went out with in Boston, so we made it clear it was just for drinks. We had a great evening with them, they were smart, sexy, and verrryyy flirty. It was one of the first times that a woman had been all about me. She touched and nudged, and rubbed my thigh with a very direct "I want to fuck you look." As the conversation flowed, the pictures and videos came out of their experiences, and wow were they sexy. One thing caught Belle's eye though, as she was watching. No Condoms! This provoked a conversation with them. Turns out, like everyone else, they hate condoms. They said they take great care about selecting who they do it with unprotected. This sounded really exciting to Belle and me, but we do have a rule always to play safe and not expose ourselves to potential STI's. At the end of dinner, they told us that they were going to a house party the next night and invited us to join them there. After telling them about our Club Nasty experience, they ensured that this would be nothing like that. We agreed to try and make it the following night….and we did!
We walked into the house party a little after 10pm, the music was playing, people were friendly, and the house was lovely. It was a pleasant change, and we felt at ease right away. We were greeted by K & J and went downstairs to visit and meet everyone else. In the course of talking, we started playing a little here and there….touching, giving very light oral under the clothes, and feeling each other's bodies. Around 11, K asked if we wanted to go play with them? We went up to a nice private bedroom where we all kicked back. The girls started kissing and touching, with the boys watching. Belle decided to eat her out, which was super hot. While this was going on though, J was positioning himself behind Belle to enter her (We had laid down the law, we play safe). He entered her from behind while K sucked on my dick, 4 bodies in a line all receiving pleasure. 
This is where the story splits, though. He ended up pumping Belle full of air by the way he was fucking her, so when she stood up, well, an embarrassing sound came from her vagina. At the same time, he was having problems of his own with performance issues. Belle told him I had some swingers insurance if he wanted one, but he declined. Belle thought that his problems had more to do with the way I was fucking his wife than his own performance. I was in acrobat mode with a 120 lb fit woman. We fucked in all kinds of ways, including my favorite standing position with her legs wrapped around me, aka The Workout. The comment was made that it was like watching really awesome porn…so yay me, right?!? Jen ended up cumming twice, so I felt good about that.
On the other side of the bed was a disappointment. Belle had an embarrassing moment that tanked her self confidence because this was the second guy she was with that was unable to perform with her. I realized that I did not do a very good job of checking in with her; otherwise, I would have swapped back and made sure that she was appropriately satisfied. Lesson Learned.
After playing with them, we re-joined the party. Belle and I went down to the basement, where there was a pool table. When we got down there, there were 3 couples, all engaged in a super hot orgy!! Bodies were everywhere on the queen mattress. Instead of playing pool, we just sat on the couch about 10 feet away and watched. Admittedly with swingers insurance in my system, I was ready to go join in….but after Belle's experience, that wasn't happening. Belle challenged me to a game of pool, so we watched and played until the couples orgy started winding down. One of these days I'll get her to play strip pool, but it hasn't happened yet.
The party was about finished up, so we went back up to the main level and socialized for a few more minutes before heading home. 
Note from Belle: After queefing, I tried to laugh it off for a bit, and I believe J tried to ignore it. I laid down on the be next to K while Adam licked her pussy. We kissed while J attempted to eat me out. It wasn't really turning me on, and I could tell he wasn't really into it either. When Adam picked K up to fuck her in the standing position, we just watched them and commented on how amazing it looked. I realized at this point that J wasn't hard, I wasn't turned on either, but I wanted to try to have a good time, so I slid off the bed and started sucking on his dick. That didn't work either. I asked if he needed to have his wife help out, and she came over to share his dick with me. He was still not into it and pulled away for good saying that he was "okay." I offered him some swingers insurance if he wanted it and told him that's the only way Adam can go as long and as often as he was. He declined again, and the clothes being put back on indicated that he was done.
I felt horrible, totally at fault, and self-conscious about myself for the rest of the evening. It wasn't until we left, and Adam and I could talk about the night did I start to feel any better. I wish I could have had a conversation with him to figure out what went wrong, but then again, maybe I don't want to know?

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