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Episode 5: Belle's Solo Play
By Adam

Episode 5 - Adams Perspective**For our Patrons only.  Do not distribute, Share, or copy any content on Patreon**

Swinging Outside the Lines, Episode 5:  Belle plays Solo
Adam - I'd never seen her like this. Ever since downloading Tinder on her phone, she had been going crazy talking to a slew of single men. They all wanted to fuck her and were trying very hard to seal the deal with her. She was enjoying all of the attention and had brought out her "A" flirt game. The pictures were flying back and forth…dick pics, pussy pics, masturbating videos, flirting videos. She was showing me everything on her phone, so I knew everything that was going on, but she did not want to add me to the Kik conversations because she thought the guys would treat her differently if they knew I was watching. I guess that was probably true because despite her saying she was married and was primarily looking for an MFM Threesome, most of them wanted to fuck her 1 on 1 first. They all wanted to pretend that I did not exist, and kept the game up as long as they could pretend that. I was okay with it because she was being open about it and not hiding anything, but she was spending a great deal of time keeping up with these conversations. I had a long work trip coming up on my schedule, and she was slowly working her way through the list trying to figure out who she wanted to fuck. Before I stepped out the door for my trip, she said she was thinking about playing with one of the guys, and asked if I'd be okay with it. This journey for us is about fun, being open and honest, and defining our own marriage, so whereas I had reservations about the solo play, I wanted her to have a fun, erotic time, so I left it up to her.
When I woke up the next morning, Belle was getting ready for a Chiropractors appointment to help her back out. She called me, and there was nervous excitement in her voice. "I think I'm going to go play with him, are you okay with that?" She asked. I answered that it was her call, and suggested she take the GoPro or FaceTime me while she was playing. I knew she was going to meet him around 1pm..about 2 hours from when we first talked. The nervousness slowly began to set in for me…so did the erotic excitement. As 1pm hit my mind and my guts were racing. I was imagining her alone with this guy, slowly sliding herself down on his dick, taking every single inch. I knew she was selective, so he had to have a nice dick! The thought of him pounding it into my wife's pussy, making her moan while I was sitting on this shitty island was too much for me to handle. It wasn't jealousy….it was every range of emotion that I could feel. I had realized that I didn't know this guy’s name, where he lived, or even have his picture. That led to me really going crazy. She didn't FaceTime me for me to watch, so maybe she was recording it on the GoPro, or perhaps he said no to the whole recording deal. God, I was going insane, thinking about my wife’s tight pussy smothered in his face as he ate her out..thinking of him finger banging her as she let out moans of enjoyment. Inside I was really hoping that she would come…exploding all over his dick in one of her violent orgasms as he thrust ever so forcefully into her tightening pussy.
I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get my mind off of her sucking his pulsing cock as I knew she would. Her blow jobs are amazing, and she was doing that thing with her tongue, god I wanted that so bad. I laced up my gym shoes and headed to the gym to get a good workout in. It had been a while since I ran, but damn, it felt good. My average 8 min mile became a 7:03 mile, and that didn't really seem all that hard. Maybe she should fuck another guy the next time I run a race…I might win. About midway through lifting weights, I got a text from her, "can you talk?" A quick response to hang on a second, and I bolted to my hotel room.

A wave of relief rolled over me, knowing that she was safe, I scolded her for not sending me all the details, and she scolded me back for not calling or texting if I was worried. I really did not want to interrupt her playtime, I wanted her to orgasm and have a really great time fucking this chosen single guy. After that, I sat back and listened to her recount the story, as I slowly stroked my dick…lamenting the fact that it would be 4 more days before I got home from this work trip to reconnect with my Belle.  
When I did finally get home, The reconnecting sex was amazing. Belle had a few things done to her that day that she really enjoyed, and I was able to recreate them to perfection, but with the Adam knowledge that makes her explode. Everything was right in the world, knowing that after each one of these experiences we have in this lifestyle, the people that we love being with the most, is each other.

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