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Episode 7: Adam Plays Solo

The Work Trip:  Adam Plays Solo

Every July, I have to travel to Florida for my company's annual training.  It is usually pretty dull, but a nice change from what I typically do when I travel for work.  It’s also one of the few times I am in the same hotel for multiple nights in a row.  This July was a unique event because only myself and one other employee were scheduled for the training course.  I thought it'd be "one of those weeks" when I arrived at the airport to find my flight delayed by almost 3 hours.  That delay meant that I would be arriving at training 30-45 minutes late….not the best move for a first day.  I shot off emails to the other employee and instructor, letting them know what was going on because communication is always crucial.  
   My company had recently relaxed the dress code at the training center, giving us a little more freedom to dress how we wanted.  I had decided to wear my “Sexy Jeans” that Belle loves on me, along with a tight grey polo shirt that hugs my upper body in all the right places.  
   When I finally arrived and walked in the classroom, I shook the instructor's hand, apologizing for my delay, and then turned to greet my co-worker, who was a very attractive woman.  I think my exact thought was, “Fuuuuckkk.”, knowing I’d have to work with her for the next few days.  As we sat in the classroom listening to the instructor, I would occasionally glance her way, admiring, but trying very hard to stay professional, which I thought I accomplished. 

Training ended just as the evening rolled around and as we were getting off the shuttle at our hotel, she looked at me and said words that I just couldn’t resist, “I need a steak, I am so hungry!”.  She invited me to join her, which I didn’t think much of because training partners usually use that time to study and prepare for the exam on day 3 of training.
As we sat at dinner, we took turns quizzing each other on all the testing materials we would see.  After a while, it was apparent we were ready for the exam, so we turned our attention to the content we would see the next day.  I didn’t have the particular material she wanted to review, so she stood up and then sat next to me in the booth.  At this point, I got the hint…I think this girl wants to fuck me, maybe.  Still playing it cool, we finished the training material before she excused herself to the bathroom.  To my surprise, when she came out of the bathroom, she sat down next to me again, not in her original seat.  The tone of the conversation immediately changed, joking and bantering back and forth, and throwing out some flirty compliments along the way.    When I got back to my hotel I called Belle and filled her in on the situation, being excited about the possibility of my first solo experience but also expressing concern, because I have always had a long-standing rule that I don’t dip my pen in company ink… a lot to think about.

Day 2

I was worried that our training session would be weird on day 2, given the hefty amount of flirting and sexual tension that had happened the night before.  Like true professionals though, it wasn’t weird at all, we both composed ourselves and acted like professionals the entire time.  The ability to remain professional brought up the possibility that I could play with her, and have it not be weird, so my “rule” was changing.  In the day and age of Sexual Harassment, I knew that I needed to be professional and let the ball be in her court.  So after training was over, I just headed back to my room and called Belle.  It was then that it happened.

Shit...this is happening
When she arrived at my hotel room, we sat on the bed and talked about what was going to happen.  Could we work together the next day without it being weird?  We reached the conclusion that as professionals and adults, we both understood what this was.  I asked if she wanted to know about my relationship status and her answer surprised me “Will you be cheating on anyone?”, my response was “No”, because Belle was in the loop, had given me the ok, and well, we have an established Consensual Non-Monogamous Relationship and boundaries.  I could have, and maybe should have gone ahead and told her I am married and explained the whole “Swinger thing,” but I felt the risk of being outed in my company would astronomically rise if I did, so I left it at that.  She was also sure to mention that she NEVER hooks up with anyone and that she wanted to ensure that I would not tell anyone in the company about it.  I work in a mostly male-dominated profession, so I completely understood where she was coming from and gave her my word that I would never tell a co-worker about it.  As she sat next to me and looked me straight in the eyes she had one more thing “Sooo, I haven’t had sex in a long time, so can you be gentle?’  Wow, that caught me off guard.  A beautiful 34 yr old woman, not having sex?  “What’s a really long time?”  I asked, expecting a 6-9 month range.  “2017” she answered…. Fuuuccckkkk 🤯 “Ok, I’ll be as gentle as you need”.
The stage was set, and she excused herself to the bathroom.  I grabbed my phone and sent Belle a few rapid-fire texts.

Let it begin

When she came out of the bathroom, she sat closer to me on the bed.  We both knew what was about to happen and I could see the anticipation in her eyes.
   At the point, I knew I had to get the show started, so I leaned over and kissed her.  We made out for quite some time before any clothes came off, I kissed her neck, down her chest, and to her nipples.  She knew what she liked and didn’t, and she was sure to tell me when she didn’t like something, such as…do not suck my nipples, lick them.  That was ok, though, and I made the adjustments.  I continued to kiss down her body, slowly removing her clothes along the way, kissing the inside of her thighs and arriving at her very under-used pussy.  I ran my tongue over her pussy lips and kissed her mound before letting my tongue slide into her crevice, finding her clit and inner folds.  I stayed there for a while, enjoying the sight of her body bending and arching as she enjoyed receiving pleasure after such a long time.  I then worked my way back up her body, and while doing so, slid the condom, I had pre-positioned on my dick in a quick and efficient way.  I asked if she was ready; she nodded before reaching down to guide my dick into her opening.  “Gently,” she reminded me.  I never had the chance to take a woman’s virginity, but I imagine what I felt would be pretty similar.  Pressing into her was nearly impossible, only getting the tip of pulsing dick into her.  As I slowly applied pressure while I was working just the head back and forth, it slid in a little more.  She reached down and grabbed my dick, instructing “Just this much, it’s really tight.”  And it was.  I was now working just the first two inches of my penis into her impossibly tight pussy when I decided it’d be better for her to have more control, so I suggested we switch positions and she gets on top, which she did.  As she rode me, I enjoyed the full view of her body, moving up and down, forward and back, trying to get her pussy to relax enough to take the full length of my manhood.  After a few minutes, she did, saying, “I think it’s ready.”   She then very slowly and steadily slid all the way down my throbbing penis, gasping as she did so and pausing at the bottom as she undoubtedly was taking in the fullness she was feeling.  I started to thrust as she rode me, which was a little too much for her, so she asked me to stop for a minute.  From that point on, her tempo picked up with every minute that passed, her moans getting a little louder and labored with every rock of her hips.  She gave me the go-ahead to thrust again, so I did, starting slow and working on picking up both the depth and tempo. I couldn’t take it anymore!!! The tightness, the motion, the visuals…my eyes rolled back in my head, my back arched, and I released my load with the deepest thrust I could, giving her my full length all the way up to my balls.  She gasped when I did, encouraging me to cum hard while in her, followed by an audible “wow.”  

She collapsed beside me, breathing heavily and remaining silent.  She looked at me, and very complimentary let me know how she liked my muscles, and that I was the most muscular man she had ever been with.  She then told me what her train of thought had been the previous two days in deciding that she wanted to hook up with me.  She explained that the first thing she noticed when I walked into the classroom the day prior was my muscular build and how well my clothes fit my body.   She went on to say that when I walked into the room, I was confident and made eye contact when talking to both her and the instructor.  Apparently, that was a big turn on for her.  I was getting a chuckle with her being so open and honest about her decision-making process, no-one besides Belle had actually talked so matter of fact about what they saw in me.  Maybe it’s that we both knew this was a hookup, and a hookup only, but I appreciated the honesty of it all.  The whole conversation had sort of an exit-interview type of feel.  You know, when you are departing a company and HR asks you about your experience there 😏.  I decided to keep that vibe going and ask her at what point she decided she wanted to hook up with me? “Well, on the walk back to the hotel when I said ‘My bad decisions seem to work out pretty good,’ That’s when I said Fuck it, I want to treat myself with him.”  I found that really interesting because that was the first night when I had been awake for 20 hrs.  I probably would have politely declined that first night due to sheer exhaustion.  After our chat, she excused herself from jumping in the shower and then get dressed.  She left to go “Home,” I.e., the next floor up in the hotel.  As she was departing she confirmed that she would never tell anyone about our encounter (besides her best friend) and I also reiterated that I’d never tell anyone in the company.  Discretion for both of us was paramount, and we both have a lot to lose both in our career and in our reputations.
So we can be adults
The next day I had to do some training that was not required of her, so I went into work early.  As the instructor and I stood above a long staircase, waiting for her to show up, my mind wandered to the previous night and wondered just how professional the day would be.  Thankfully, the training day was very professional!  No flirting, no long stares, and no contact.  It’s as if nothing ever happened the night prior.  What a relief that was.  

Unfortunately, on the last day, she did have a bit of difficulty in an individual training event that she was pretty angry about.  When we got to the hotel that night, she was visibly shaken, so I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.  We walked around a half-mile loop a few times as she vented her frustration, and then gave her some professional advice on how to fix the mistakes that she made.  After calming down a bit, we headed back to the hotel, and to my surprise, she followed me to my room instead of hers on the floor above.  I was a  little taken back, and really couldn’t check in with Belle (It was almost 1 am and Belle was long passed out from a very bad day), so I played it safe with her, sitting on the opposite bed as we made a plan for her to be successful in the next training session.  After she was good, I walked to the door and opened it.  She gave me a quick kiss and said: “Thank You.”  Now…..this part pissed Belle off a little bit because I didn’t tell her about it until after I got home (my bad).  I didn’t take the kiss and thank you and a sexual one, but more of "thanks for spending the time to help me out"….and by the way, we’ve already fucked, so a kiss is no big deal kind thing.

After I got home and decompressed with Belle, everything was good.  She had a really rough week while I was at work in our vanilla lives.  The fact that she knew what I was doing I think compounded the issue a lot.  She’s good now, and we are talking about how to move forward now that we have both had our one on one encounters… stay tuned.


As Adam was playing and I was going out of my mind, I decided to send him some teaser photos of me going crazy.  I knew that when he saw them it would drive him crazy!! Anyway...I hope you like them.

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