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Episode 8: Marathon Sex

Episode 8: Marathon Sex

Part 1:
My head had been pounding all day, life, and stress had gifted me a mild headache. The drive into the city had been long at the end of an even longer day, but still, I was looking forward to hanging out and talking sexy. I love to flirt and fuck and talk about both, so what better way to spend the evening was there?
We had met before, at a local club and were immediately drawn to them. Fun, sexy, and "completely normal". Roger and Jessica seemed right up our alley. The kind of couple you hope to meet in the Lifestyle, and we seemed to have a rare four-way connection. 
Feeling down after some not so great play dates, and knowing Roger would be seriously tired, post 26.2 miles. I wasn't wholly interested in playing. But, even if we didn't play, a relaxing night in the city seemed like a perfect way to end a busy, stress-filled week. Reaching into the glove box, I retrieved a half-empty bottle of Advil, popped a few in my mouth and swished them down. Stalling a bit, taking a long, deep breath, I hoped for the best and pushed the door open.
"Do I bring my bag, or leave it? You know, in case things don't go as planned,... we have an excuse". Adam threw me a smile over the top of the car and handed his keys to the Valet, "Up to you, if you don't think you're up to it, we don't have to fuck anybody. But. We should at least go have a drink and get to know them." He shrugged. "Nothing else, we get to go home and play with each other.". I raised an eyebrow and glanced toward the attendant.
Adam smiled, indifferently lifting his shoulders; clearly, he didn't care if he was overheard. Taking in another cleansing breath, I exhaled slowly, trying to erase the look of apprehension from my face. "I'll bring it, I know how much you want this one. Hopefully, the Advil will kick in soon.". Hoisting our overly large bag to my shoulder, with an exaggerated heft, "Think we forgot anything?" I smirked. Adam's returning expression said all the things I knew he was thinking, he reached for my hand and pulled me into his arms, and sighed into my ear, "You look so fucking hot." Flashed his sexiest smiled he took my hand, turning and leading the way.
Casual, in my favorite hooded pullover and jeans. His broad shoulders, chest and heavily muscled legs, and ass were well displayed. The very sight of him turned me on. Athletic, handsome, intimidating confidence. I'm weak for him. Looking at him, I want to turn around and keep him for myself tonight. 
Stepping into a large slowly revolving door, I make a quick, clipped step, squeezing in behind Adam and press my body to his. Intentionally placing our clasped hands against the front of my high waisted jeggings. "You're making me wet." I teased, playfully bumping his fingers to my mound. He spread his fingers wide over mine and gave a tight squeeze. "I know, I have that effect on people." He panned, teasing me. Unable to help myself, I giggle, a glowing smile spreads across my face as I roll my eyes to the ceiling. Even after fifteen years of marriage, he still knows how to effectively turn me on and make me laugh, at the same time.
Emerging into the grand lobby of the hotel, our eyes are drawn upwards. Massive chandeliers hang four stories above, flanked on all sides by layers of balconies and huge circular windows. Wooden beams crisscrossed the ceiling, the walls are original red brick, and thin steel pillars support the level above. Each terrace was rimmed with the original metal railings and hosted an array of bars and restaurants, each bustling, people packed every counter and stool. The lights were dim, matching the mood of low red and blue velvet couches, high backed winged chairs and squat brown leather poufs. A hum of tired guests in all directions, crowding high tops, sofas and tables gave it a since of bees in a hive. 
Kik Message:
We're to the left.
First floor.
By the restaurant. 
No rush!
We see you.
Heat fills my ears, the volume of the room dimming suddenly, matching the lights, I take in another long breath, filling my lungs to capacity before blowing out through O-shaped lips. "Oh man, I didn't think I'd be this nervous," I confessed, hesitating. 
"It's fine." Adam soothes, "They...are...right. Over. There." Lifting our laced hands, and extending a finger, pointing their direction. Sensing hesitation, he tugged and little.
"Hi! So good to see you again!". I smiled.
A drink turned into a snack and then dinner and dinner into more drinks. Things were going well, besides poor Roger looking ready to pass out from exhaustion. Conversation flowed our shared interests, and striking similarities lead one topic to another. It was a familiar vibe that calmed me, relaxing me, and easing my headache. 
 I noticed Roger's eyes nervously glancing, roaming over my sweater covered breasts, undoubtedly trying to determine if I was wearing a bra. Which, of course, I wasn't. Being a gentleman, he was trying to keep his wandering eyes in check, had I been entirely on my "A" game, I would have winked my permission and sat up a little to give him a better view. Somewhat subdued with painkillers, fatigue, and a few sips of vodka, I sat back and observed more than participating.
Jessica and Adam where decisively in control the conversation. Roger was clearly into me but was mostly looking, and I was relieved they were taking the pressure to speak off our plates. Jessica was spell biding, we mostly sat listening to her, she was so sexy, even the way she spoke. Gracefully, miming her hands, speaking with a voice that almost whispered, "fuck." between each word, we all sat hanging off every word.
Keeping steady eye contact, occasionally traveling the length of each other's bodies, the air filled with shared desire. It was thick and visible, definitely a yes for both of them. "I think I'm ready to head upstairs, anyone else?", she asked but didn't need to. Adam had been stacking dishes and moving drinks off to the side for removal, a clear indication to me that he was ready done talking and ever to get to the main event. "I'm game." He played it off cool. 
"I'm going to put on something a lot less comfortable." I teased as we walked into the room. It was gorgeous with a view city and stylish new furnishings. "Me too." Jessica followed, "You can go first.". 
"Or we could just go together." I winked.
Jessica hesitated, removing her shirt, "Ok, but...I have a big butt just so you know. ...and a wonky nipple.". Raising an eyebrow, I lifted my shirt over my head while she slid the bra straps from her shoulders. "That's ok. I'm covered in scars and have stretch marks." I shrugged. 
"You're breasts are amazing." 
"Thanks." She smiled.
We both shimmied out of our pants, pausing to complement each other's figures before sliding our panties to the ground. 
Stepping into our lingerie pieces, we turned to the large full-length mirrored doors to adjust and perfect every angle.
"You have a beautiful ass. I know you think it's big, but it's perfect." I assured her. "You think so?" She questioned. "Yes, absolutely. Should we go ask the boys?" I smiled gesturing toward the hall.
Adam and Roger were sitting, one on each bed. Adam squinted as he pressed his lip together, a slight nod indicated he liked the view. "Fuck, that is amazing." "That really is the best way this day could have ended," Roger added, musing.
"Are you sure you're ok with this after running a marathon?" I checked. 
"Oh yeah." He reassured. "I can't think of a better post-race activity than this." He smiled.
"Well, perhaps we should start with that massage we had talked about," Reminding him of our initial kik conversations. 
"Here, let me get rid of a few things." he stood and removed his shirt and slacks before getting comfortable on the bed. Taking each side, we moved in tandem down his arms, over his back and legs, working his calves, hamstrings, teasing over his glutes and back up his body. We continued rolling and sliding our hands over his bare skin to the sounds of his approving groans. 
Adam lay on the other bed, watching and observing as the two of us worked our magic. "I am a little jealous of that four-handed massage." He complained, in jest.
"Oh...he does look lonely over there. All by himself." I teased. "We can't have that." Jessica agreed as she crossed to the other bed.
Alone massaging Roger, part of me wants to switch into therapist mode and really wring his muscles out and let him pass out for the night, the other part feels obligated to continue this 'sexy' massage as long as he is up for it. But my attention is was drifty to the scene across the room.
As much as I try to focus my attention on Roger, my brain is distracted. Straddling Adam on the other bed, Jessica is effortless and stunning, so fucking sexy. She wasted no time getting down to business now that she had Adam. Grinding her hips into the front seam of his denim pants, they were pulled tightly over his already bulging erection. She looked amazing, her alluring manner made it hard for me to look anywhere else. As if she's ridden Adam's cock a dozen times before, she is completely comfortable, confident. Laying back, he was enjoying her full breasts and toned belly as she moved in a seductive rhythm. Erotic and stunning with her shoulder-length natural beach waved hair. Strands of sunny blonde laced through low lights of brown, long pieces swept to the side, partially covering an eye as if the wind blew it gently in place. Her sleepy blue eyes are the color of rough seas with hints of emerald and bronze and lined with long dark lashes that blew kisses with each soft flutter. Mesmerized by her lure, I couldn't look away as she looked intensely into Adam's eyes. Drawn to her perfectly shaped lips that were painted matte red, defining the sharp peaks of the top and full pout of the bottom. Sensually circling her small mound against his jeans, lips parting wide with hunger, head tipping back, eyes closing, rocking hard on Adam's ready penis. Hands find her hips, gripping, pulling, thrusting, grinding his trapped erection against her. Adam's muscles flex and stretch his shirt tight across his chest, veins rising through his arms as his pulse quickens. 
Thrill and anticipation run through me. Wanting to see Adam push himself inside her, wanting to watch his eyes roll to the back of his head as he feels her warm slit spread over his penis. Wanting cup her breast in my hand, wanting to place my lips to hers, watch her eyes as she takes Adam's thick erection.
Aroused by their nearly clothed fucking, my massage turned into uninterested pokes. Stroking a hand across inner thigh, Roger squeezes gently and touches a finger to my drenched lingerie. Interrupting Roger's attempt to win my attention, I purr, "Let's watch. She looks amazing on top of Adam.". I nod my head toward the sounds of pleasure next to us, wanting.

Part 2
Suddenly entirely insecure, irrational thoughts plagued me as the memory of the past experiences played in my head. Worsening matters, I was painfully sober. Slutty me, commanding me, needed to silence the blaring voice of self-doubt with something hard, fast.
 Jumping from the bed and grabbing a bottle of maple whiskey, I drew in a large mouthful. Forcefully swallowing, it burned down my throat, but I needed to loosen up to get into the evening.  
Looking over, with a bit of envy, Adam and Jessica were both naked and oblivious to my situation. I badly wanted to watch but didn't want to disappoint Roger. Trying one last time to get my head in the game, I took another shot and reached for Roger's waist. "Let's get these off."
Roger was tall and handsome with thick dark hair, with silver highlights, combed back from his forehead. His well-groomed beard and mustache lined his square jaw, were velvet soft to touch. I've always wondered what a beard that soft would feel like buried between my thighs. But my head is out of the game, maybe it's the sound of euphoric sex and the sight of naked bodies writhing in anticipation. Jessica, pleasing Adam. Jessica moaning as he rubs his dick against her clit. I want to watch him take her so badly.
I reach for Roger's penis. 
Sucking a penis into full erection always excites me. I kneel and bend over, taking Roger's cock in my mouth. With his soft shaft on my lips, I draw it in, sucking his length to the back of my throat. Immediately answering it stiffened and extended and I was tasting Roger's precum on my tongue. I sucked deeper, greedy for the flavor.
The perfect shape and size for me to lick and suck the full length deep into the back of my throat, I take it in slowly, again and again. Loving the scent, the texture, and the erotic feel of Roger penetrating my mouth. Sucking and licking my tongue over his shaft and around his tip; making sure to keep my lips soft but tight to his hardened cock. Feeling slickness between my legs, I reach down, touching the smooth lips of my waxed mound. Pressing a fingertip to the wetness and smearing it over soft flesh, lightly massaging the lubricant into my swelling clit. 
Taking my hand, Roger pulled me over the top of him, hands seeking contact with my naked body roaming and touching. Moving my top aside, and exposing my breast, cupping and kneading it in his hand. Slowly lowering his head, he pauses, as if again asking permission, and looks into my eyes as he takes my nipple into his mouth. Quickly exposing the other and cupping it into his hand, he covers the nipple with his mouth and gently sucks. Shutting my eyes, savoring the feeling of his lips at my breast, my fingers roam through his hair, pressing his face to my chest, silently asking for more. 
Rolling me to the bed, he pushed my bottoms to the side, parting my slit and placing his mouth lightly over my clit. Soft sucks and slurps were interrupted by the blissful groans of Adam having his cock sucked. Peaking, I confirmed, Adam's dick was buried in Jessica's mouth. Happy they still hadn't fucked, I beckoned Roger to come close. Pulling him on top of me, I pressed my lips firmly to his mouth, gently sucking his lip and wickedly grinning, whisper, "Get a condom."

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