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March Madness

Part 1, Getting Ready

Appraising the length of my naked body in the mirror, I smiled coyly. "You little slut," I chuckled to myself. Releasing the last strands of hair into my hand, I brought the curling iron down, flipped it's switch to 'off,' and set it on the counter. Bobbing the hot coil of hair in my palm, I reached for a clip and pinned it to my head with the other loops of setting curls, leaning into the mirror for a final inspection. Soft tones of purple and grey brought out the brightness of my green eyes. Long dark lashes coated in deep black mascara. Cheeks slightly pink with a dab of lipstick that had been blended in with the tips of my fingers. A stroke of clear gloss covered my natural lip. Teeth bared, running a tongue over them, checking each crevice, pressing my lips together, then standing back. "Almost ready," I glanced at my watch. It was nearly time to go.

Pulling my hair down clip by clip, softy teasing the curls on each side, my mind wandered back to the thought I had been avoiding. What to wear had been on my mind all morning. I still wasn't sure. Adam usually picks, but he was dutifully attending the parent-teacher conference that had been on the calendar. Wanting to wear something that wouldn't leave imprints on my body or be uncomfortable on a long drive, was my goal. I couldn't think of anything in my closet that would fit both standards and make the impression I was hoping for, but I had an idea of where to start my search. Slipping into my black suede heels, I walked down the hall to my daughter's room.
Thumbing through her wardrobe, I found just the thing—a skin-tight, a periwinkle-blue dress that buttoned behind the neck. I didn't know if it would fit and cringed at the tag marked 'XS,' but I was out of time, holding my breath, I sucked in and hoped it would fit.
Pulling it on over my head and sliding it down the length of my body, the soft fabric felt incredible on my smooth skin. 
I knew Adam would more than approve. Grabbing my phone, I held it at arm's length and snapped a quick picture, grabbed my things, and headed out the door. 

-How do I look? 
I want you for myself-

-You can have me later. ;)x
Wait, where you at?-
I want to see you!-

-I'm already at the gas station
I was hoping you 
hadn't left yet-

-Do you want me to meet you?
-I can wait in the parking lot.

No, that's okay-
Have fun-
Hurry home-

-Okay, love you. <3

Part 2, Playtime

I knew what I was doing. 

I wanted him. He wanted me. We were going to play. But. I had promised Adam I wouldn't force myself to stay if I didn't want to. Now standing outside his hotel room door, drink in one hand, I paused. Taking a deep breath in, I forcefully exhaled the butterflies and knocked. 

      As the door swung open, I had a moment of doubt consolidated the virtual profile with the man standing before me. From the first picture sent, I wanted him. Tall, athletic, broad, handsome, direct. He didn't make me guess what he thought or wanted; his method was alluring. His hair made him appear even taller, in person, then he had appeared in his photo, curly and full with effortless style. Even with heels on his height made me feel small, vulnerable, intimidated. Possibly sensing my apprehension, he smiled and wrapped me up in a gentle hug. "I'm so glad you could make it." 

"Me too," I politely smiled back.

I set my things down; he made himself comfortable on the bed. When I turned back around, he was casually sitting with one leg up hands clasped over one knee. His new relaxed position, soft curly hair, and a sexy expression on his face put me at ease. "You look amazing," he cooed "I wasn't expecting you to look better than your pictures."

"Thank you."

I sat down on the bed, leaving space between us, intentionally indicating interest and restraint.  

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

He nodded, "A little."

His deep, steady voice didn't seem to match his confession. It didn't match the smile on his face or the look in his eyes. They were focused and hungry, dialed in on my mouth, watching my lips move around every word as we spoke. 

From the moment he opened the door, his eyes had been intense, his defined features seemed carnal and hungry. I was content to chat and ask him about himself. Suddenly making his move, he closed the distance between us, pulling me to him. Wrapping his long arms around my waist, he held my body tightly to his. Closing his lips over mine, kissing deeply, the heat of his mouth melting away any thought of leaving. I returned his passion with my own, pressing my body against his massive frame. I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. 
Breathless, I broke away, turning my head to the side. He kissed his way down my neck. "You smell so good," he murmured as he touched the single button at the nape of my neck. "Does this come, undone?" he questioned, fingering the keyhole opening.

"We have to let Adam know we're going to play." Pushing away I reached for my phone and shot Adam a quick text,

-We're going to play.

Setting my phone down on the nightstand, I returned to bed. Mr. Suddenly was just finishing a text of his own. "All good?" he asked. "Yes," I answered, our bodies drawing back together like two magnets. "I need to take video; that's how Adam gets to enjoy this too." 

"Of course," he agreed.

Taking me in his arms, he met my lips with his, kissing and brushing his nose softly over my cheek. His hands roamed the curves of my body. Exploring over the top of my dress, "I like this, but let's get it off," he whispered in my ear. Following the request, he kissed down my neck, his hands continuing to the hem at my knees. One hand, then the other, found its way under my dress, snaking back and forth across my smooth skin. His fingertips gathering the fabric, exposing my naked body. "Perfect," he managed before taking a breast in between his lips. The heat of his mouth caused an audible gasp. His lips smiled around my nipple, his hands roaming down and around my torso. Grabbing my ass in his hands, he lifted and squoze, separating my cheeks and exposing my tight pucker to the cold air. "I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this ass," he said, kissing my breast, my neck, my lips, kneading my ass in his hands.

My fingers, just resting on either side of his core, traced the hard muscles beneath his shirt. "Your turn," I teased, sliding a cold hand under his polo and pressing it to his belly. "Your job is to warm these up. Have any ideas?" I smiled mischievously up at him. "A few," he nodded, smiling back, reaching for his collar. Tugging his shirt off in one swift motion, he tossed it aside, his eyes on mine, watching for my reaction. I held his gaze as he unbuttoned and removed his pants, letting his cock spring free. Taking me by the waist, he pulled me to him, his large hands wrapping around my naked body, pressing me into his sent chills up my spine. His cock, stiff against my belly, was hot, his body warming, his mouth on mine intoxicating. Drunk with desire, I returned his attention. My hands roaming his muscled torso, softly dragging my nails around his waist, down his back, and over his ass. I drank in his scent, kissing him deeply, our lips and tongues entwining.  

Anticipation filled me. Mr. Suddenly's hands smoothed over every inch of my curves. Hot flames pricked at my skin, igniting trails across my body, intersecting and weaving lust and passion with each touch. 

Taking a step back to the bed, he sat, kissing at the peaks of my breasts as I straddled him, bringing my bare pussy to rest against his hard cock in his lap. Rolling my hips, then belly, and nipples against him, my arms draped over his broad shoulders as he explored my slit with his long fingers. Laying back, he rocked my hips over his engorged cock, grinding his tip into my opening, spreading my ass in his hands.

Putting a hand to his chest, I stopped. "I have permission, but we have to ask." 

"Oh?" he questioned, slightly amused. 

Biting the corner of my lip between my teeth, I smiled with a small shrug of the shoulders. 

Without hesitation, he sat up, reaching around me to the nightstand and lying back down, phone in hand. Sliding to the floor, I knelt between his knees, picked my phone up with one hand and his cock in the other. 
I slowly stroked the shaft of Mr. Suddenly's magnificent cock as we waited, licking and kissing at his end. Nearly simultaneous bings announced Adam's reply. Pleased, I crawled up the bed, straddled his legs, and mounted his pulsating member, slowly taking him inch-by-inch. My head fell back; a pleasured moan was met with the deep groan from my stud. His hands at my hips pulled me down further, forcing the rest of his length inside me, his girth stretching my slit. I sucked a tight breath through my teeth at the slight twinge of pain. "Ahh," I moaned breathlessly. 

"Are you okay?"






My smile spread wide across my face, "It's big." He laughed, slowly continuing, pressing into my sex and pulling my hips firmly onto his dick. Thrusting gently but deeper with each breathy moan. Feeling him inside me, his tip, his veins, the hardness, sent a dizzy lusty sensation through me. I wanted it. His bare cock, his hot cum spurting inside me. I wanted to be fucked hard. I wanted to be spread wide. I wanted to be taken like a slut, and I wanted Adam to watch it. I wanted Adam to watch me enjoy another man, watch me cum on his cock, and hear me moan out in ecstasy.












I hadn't realized my eyes had been closed, when I opened them, his were on mine. Intensely watching, his mouth open wide in pleasure, "Fffffffffffuuuck," he groaned. His eyes closed tight as he fucked into my pussy, slamming into me with desperate thrusts of a man on the edge of unloading his thick cream. Shots of euphoric bliss swelled my clit, every thrust bringing me closer to finishing. Feeling his cock expand and grow harder inside me, I knew he was about to cum. Riding him harder and faster with each deep thrust, I gripped his shaft with my sex, challenging him to withdraw and penetrate my slit with more force. 
Releasing his hold on my hips, he pulled me to him. Breathlessly closing his lips over mine as he fucked assertively into the depths of my tight pink hole. Closing my eyes, enjoying the feel of my tight wet slit stretched around his throbbing erection, anticipating the moment. 

With a jolt, heat spread deep inside me. Mr. Suddenly's cock jumped and flexed as he pumped his load into my slutty married pussy. I loved it. I loved feeling him ejaculated his seed in my depth. I loved feeling naughty. I loved feeling risky. I loved getting fucked by another ma

The Spartan 

Mr. Suddenly

When Belle Got Home

A Date to Reconnect

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