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Belle's Toy Suprise

Part 1: True Story, Belle’s Toy Store Surprise

The weekend was fast approaching and Belle was set to fly out Friday night for the West Coast. Not wanting Adam to be left dry, she makes a trip to their favorite toy store just down the turnpike. Turning into the parking lot she smiles a sly, knowing smile. “Adam is going to love this.”, she thought excitedly. For months now they had talked about possible toys, and people, they’d love to play with. Now as she sat in the parking lot she smiled twice more, once for the surprise she was hatching and once for the thought of getting caught at the triple x in her mom-coach.
Delighted and encouraged by thoughts of Adam’s face and the expression he was sure to make, she entered the store and went straight to the back corner. Belle had had her eye on a few things in the dildo and butt plug section from months before and now found herself disappointed to find her target purchase, absent from the shelf.
Now she had a choice, spend hundreds on a new swing for the basement or find a suitable replacement that would surprise Adam but not gathering attention from the sudden large purchase on their credit card. After mulling over her choices and becoming somewhat moist thinking about all the various ways Adam could take her, Belle decided on a jeweled plug that was weighted and somewhat larger than the other plugs in their collection. Her ass would definitely know it was there, the thought delighted her and made the corners of her mouth turn up forming a small wicked grin. She reached for the toy while having the thought to keep looking, just incase the had what she came seeking.

Choosing the long way back to the front of the store, Belle continued searching and scanning the shelves for her true desire. Ah! Finally, on the counter almost at the register, there it is. Glee spreads across her face as she feels the hot red flush of lust raised in her groin. Her bottom lip reflexively finds its way between her teeth and she feels the fuzzy soft hair perk up over her now blushed cheeks, her pussy tightens and her heart starts to pound excitedly. She’s been thinking about it often and now she’s just hours away from an evening of fantasy. “Fuuuuck, I’m soaking through my panties.”, she purrs under her breath, not caring who might hear. Her thoughts turn back to Adam as she visualizes his reaction to this little dazzler. Out of habit she reaches for her phone to check his location and suddenly realizes she’s been lost in all thoughts of sexy and slutty surprises and is now completely out of time. Adam is already home, FUCK! She’s so horny. Belle really wanted to get spanked and fucked all afternoon before she had to return to mommy land. Now, well...she’d have to stay worked up and moist for the rest of the day.

Pulling in the driveway confirmed that Belle would have the rest of the day to wait for Adam’s lips to explore hers, his hands to bend her over to spank her and his body to press hers firmly to the mattress in her favorite sex position. First, she’d have to sneak her little goodie bag upstairs without drawing his attention, Belle wanted Adam to be completely surprised.

Throughout the day Belle teased and kissed Adam, sharing flirty glances and sneaking sexual touches when the kids weren’t looking. She was feeling so naughty with nothing but sex and fucking Adam on her mind. She imagined all the ways he would take her that night, she wanted so badly to put the kids to bed ridiculously early to start setting up her surprise and ending her torment. Finding it incredibly hard to focus on anything but her wild lust, she trudged through the motions of the evening barely noticing anything but Adam’s body. She was attracted to it like a magnet, needed it, like a drug. It was intoxicating, the pull to have him was so strong she was blinded to everything around her. Bad mommy, she needed to be spanked to break her blinding lust.

The evening seemed to last forever but the moment the clock hit 8pm Belle announced it was bedtime and rushed each of the kids to bed, with quick kisses and tucks of the blankets and a hug for good measure. Then she hurried around the house turning out lights, locking doors, stopping to kick on the sound machine laying in the upstairs hallway; double checking it was set to its loudest level.

At last, making her way to the master bedroom, she could get fantasy fucked in a way she had only dreamed until now, she just needed to get Adam to play along.

He was laying on the bed watching tv, something he did most nights to relax. Belle gave him her best side smile before slipping into the dressing room. “Whatcha doing?”, he called from the room with a slight sound of curious anticipation in his voice. From behind the door she smiled and told him she had a surprise while she fumbled through her shopping bag removing each item and setting them on the shelf. Then she reached into the drawer that held her sexiest panties, picking the red pair Adam had just bought her. The perfect panty with delicate red lace and smooth satin trim. The satin wrapped around her hips and front to back, down and around her mound and each leg before splitting, partially caressing each cheek and tying just above her crevice, leaving it exposed. Tying around the waist at the back added an element to the surprise that delighted Belle, she was serving up her ass as a gift for Adam’s pleasure but Belle still needed to add the final de...tail. The thought made Belle’s blood rush hotter as she picked her boxed toy up from the shelf and quietly unwrapped it. “Fuck, that is so much bigger than it looked on the box!”, she thought as she slid it from the packaging. That would be a challenge all of it’s own. Belle never shied away from pushing her sexual boundaries, she would just need lube, and lots of it to help ease the large toy into her tightest spot.
Remembering where she placed her travel bag, she pulled the clothes apart that hung just below the shelf she faced and bent and slid the bag out of hiding. She knew her teenager had long ago found her impressive toy collection but still she kept things neatly hidden away in her swing bag that she kept packed with condoms, lube and her very favorite toys. Belle had taken Adams impressively hard dick in her ass enough to know she would need to be well oiled if she was going to slid this toy into her most rarely used hole. It was still so tight that even the smallest toys required effort and a lot of lube to penetrate. Still, she loved having her ass plugged by the novice toys they had started using recently and she was eager to try something larger, to feel the tightness of her ass spread and relax around the girth of a bigger object.
While she was bent she reached back to rub her soft pink pucker. Dipping her finger into her wet cunt, she pushed the tip of her finger to her ass hole, feeling the resistance of the muscles keeping her out. She was so wet and hot with need but her ass needed help if it was going to take more than her finger tip. Belle opened and squeezed a clear bead of lube on the tips of her fingers and again met her puckered ass. This time she gently massaged the muscle of her ass and took a deep relaxing breath as she pressed with more and more force while spreading her fingers, coaxing her hole to comply.
She was so horny by now that she couldn’t contain herself any longer, she took the toy in her hand and coated it’s end generously and in a rush of excitement attempted to plunge it into her tight ass. The resistance she was met with made her draw in a quick breath before sinking down to her knees, placing one hand out to stabilize herself, the other still pressing the lubed plug to her resistant hole. On her knees, she spread her ass and again she pushed the tip of her toy to her ass, this time feeling the muscles spread, taking the first inch. Encouraged and eager to play, she more aggressively pushed and swirled her plug, rocking back into her hand as she penetrated deeper with each motion. As her strokes deepened, Belle grew hungry with want for Adam to take her place, molding her asshole to his hard dick.
Short Stories part 2
Belle's story, continued by Adam - 

She stepped out of the closet with a big smile on her face, her cheeks flush with a little bit of excitement.  She had on a new pair of red lacy lingerie panties that tied in the back.  She looked so damn sexy standing in front of me topless, with those sexy smoldering eyes gazing at me.  She slowly took a few steps toward me and asked "Are you ready to see your present?" and boy was I!!!  I quickly (and eagerly) nodded, almost like I had never seen this beautiful woman in front of me.  She slowly twirled herself around, and my eyes dropped to her sexy ass... "FFUUUCCKKKK, that's hot!" I said as my eyes took it all in.  She was wearing a puffy blue bunny tail butt plug.  I knew this would be a fun night, and my dick would soon be slamming into her pussy doggy style (or is it bunny style?) with my lower abs pressing that butt plug deeper into her ass with every thrust.
As she walked over so I could examine her new toy, I slowly pulled the lacy red tie that unraveled her panty.  I slowly slid her panty down her leg, and in the process of doing so leaned over and let my tongue trace down her backside, sending shivers up her spine.  With her panties now on the floor, she stood in front of me naked, and I just laid back to take in the sight of the beautiful woman in front of me.











As I lay in bed naked, my dick showed Belle just what I thought of it.  Rock hard and already pulsing with excitement, it made no bones about what it wanted. As Belle scampered over to me, she did something unexpected.  She climbed over the top of me, positioning herself in the 69 position to give me an optimal view of her new toy as I twirled my tongue over her pussy.  She was clearly enjoying the oral play, but I knew I could make it better!!  As I slowly freed my arm, I brought it up toward the butt plug, taking hold of the bunny tail.  I slowly pressed it deeper in her ass, and then pulled it just enough that I felt resistance on it.  She released my dick from her lips and let out a big gasp, giving me my first clue as to just how big this bunny tail might be.  Intrigued, I did it again with the same result.  At about this time, Belle rose up and turned to me like a cat hunting her prey.  "I need you to fuck me," She said as she assumed a position on all four's.    I won't lie, as much as I love the 69 position, I really wanted to fuck her with that tail inside her.  

I positioned myself behind her and cracked a smile that she couldn't see.  Looking at her bent over eagerly awaiting my hard dick, I instead gave the butt plug a little smack "OH!!"  she gasped.  A few seconds past where I was wondering if I was in trouble.  "SMACK MY ASS AGAIN!!" she on! she was wound up. I rubbed my right hand on her ass check as to comfort her before quickly pulling it back and giving the tail a good smack, "FUUUCCKK" she moaned.  After a few more playful smacks I slowly guided my hard dick into her opening.  Still not knowing just how big this tail was, I smoothly and steadily slid my dick into her until my lower abdominal muscles were pressing the plug deep inside her.  It took her breath away as she reached back with her right hand and grabbed my hip.  When she did this, I was expecting her to limit how deep I could thrust inside her, but instead, her hand slid past my hipbone to my right ass cheek.  She then grabbed my ass and pulled me forcefully into her, slamming the full length of my dick in her, along with the butt plug.  "Ohhh ahhh, fuck" she let out.  This was my green light!!! Game on.  I withdrew my dick almost to the tip and slammed it back into her, making sure when I did, I made excellent contact with the tail in the process.

I won't lie....this was A LOT of fun.  I really had to pace myself while fucking her like this.  The extra tightness from what I could only gather was a rather large butt plug was terrific.  Ramming into her tail actually provided a nice cushion and some good feedback for how deep I could thrust, and the sounds coming from her were encouraging like they had come straight out of a porno.  
She was clearly enjoying each and every stroke.  Her excitement and my own were like fireworks in the bedroom that night.  We don't come together very often,  but that night we reached climax together.  Her contracting around my dick, the veins in my penis pulsing and pumping my load as deep inside her as I could, and her arching her back and then burying her head in her pillow so the kids wouldn't hear her orgasm from across the was all fantastic.  As I withdrew my dick from her, I took in the sight one more time.  I had to leave on a trip the next day, and this would need to hold me over for a while.  Belle rolled over with a big smile.."So, what did you think?" I was speechless...really.  The only thing I could muster was a simple "wow."  
As the euphoria wore off, Belle looked at me with some worried eyes, "Fuck, now I have to take this thing out!"  As I snickered at her, I realized that I still didn't know how big it really was, so I offered to help her out.  As I slowly withdrew it from her with some constant pressure, I was impressed!!  It was a good 3-4" long and had some excellent girth to it as well.  I shook my head slowly "Damn, this is no joke!"
I can't wait to play with it again!!


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